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SUU Brand Style Guide

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If you have questions not answered in this guide, please contact:

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A Message from Scott Wyatt and Marvin Dodge

Welcome to the SUU Brand Style Guide. This is an exciting time to be a T-bird. Campus is growing in new and significant ways, and now more than ever, communicating clearly and cohesively is critical to our institutional success and identity.

This style guide is compiled by the SUU Marketing Communication office to provide you with the tools and guidelines necessary to visually represent SUU and your area of campus.

Please carefully review these pages and become familiar with the campus guidelines for use of logos, colors and typography. Consider how you might apply its principles, bookmark this page in your browser, and refer back to it when using the SUU name.

Moving forward, it is important that we work together to clearly articulate and represent the image of this outstanding University.

I invite you to join me in becoming a brand ambassador for SUU.
Thank you for your dedication and support of this important initiative,

signatureScott L Wyatt, President, Southern Utah University
Marvin Dodge, Vice President, Finance & Administration

SUU Style Guide Usage

As campus employees, we are all charged with the task of shaping our brand. Consider how the best brands stick with us because they are defined by consistency and repetition of logos, fonts, and colors. Through consistency, brands become instantly recognizable offering reliability and credibility for the organizations they represent.

This style guide is designed to provide you with the tools you need to professionally represent Southern Utah University in all of your communications, and to assist in building the university brand.

SUU Color Palette

SUU Color

Color is a powerful brand tool and is essential in establishing the University’s identity. Beyond the wordmark, color is the most recognizable element of the brand. The SUU color palette must be used consistently throughout all University-related print and web materials. SUU Red is CMYK 0C 100M 90Y 20K. In spot color, it is Pantone 200. Institutional marks should only appear in SUU Red, black or white.

SUU Color Palette

SUU Typography

SUU logo fonts

The "SUU" logotype uses a custom version of ITC Fenice.

“Southern Utah University” appears in Fira Sans, medium.

Fira Sans is a readily available typeface and can be used in other University publications if desired. ITC Fenice may NOT be used in University publications. Always use authorized versions  of the wordmark; do not attempt to recreate it.

The default typeface for the SUU website is Roboto.

SUU Wordmark

Examples of the SUU Wordmark

The wordmark is the defining icon of Southern Utah University and visually represents the institution’s brand. It is designed to give the impression of modern academic excellence and should always be considered first when representing the University. Use this mark in all situations where size, placement and usage permit, and for all University publications.

Download official wordmark files


The wordmark is available in two versions. The first uses the SUU logotype with the University name spelled out to the right. The second includes a line as an additional design element and is referred to as the line underneath version. Both versions are acceptable. One-color versions in black or red are also acceptable.

Alternate SUU Wordmark example

Alternate Wordmark

The alternate wordmark is for use where design requirements do not  allow use of the preferred horizontal wordmark.

One-color versions in black or red are also acceptable.

Reversal SUU wordmark example

Reverse Color Wordmark

The wordmark and alternate wordmark are available in reverse color versions for use in layouts with red or dark backgrounds.

Samples of wordmark standard usage

Wordmark Usage Standards

The wordmark is the primary representation of the University and must appear on all campus publications. As a standard, it should appear on the back cover of a multi-page publication near the bottom margin. On a one-page design, the mark must be included.

Example of proper spacing around SUU wordmark

Clear Space

Always give the wordmark room to breathe. To ensure legibility and brand integrity, the wordmark must be surrounded by a minimum amount of clear space. To achieve proper clear space, surround the wordmark with an amount of space equal to at least half the height of the SUU logotype.

Minimum width requirements for SUU wordmark


The wordmark should not appear too small,
nor too large to be overpowering. To ensure readability, please adhere to the following minimum sizes for the wordmarks:

Standard Wordmark: 1.75" minimum width
Alternate Wordmark: 1.25" minimum width

Example of SUU wordmark with distorted proportions


Be sure to size the wordmark proportionally. Do not stretch the wordmark out of its original shape. Do not extend, condense, italicize, bend, twist, skew, curve or distort the wordmark in any way.

Examples of unacceptable alteration to SUU wordmark


The University uses a primary, approved color palette (link). Colors of the wordmark may not be altered. To ensure consistency, do not add or alter elements to the wordmark for the purpose of personalization, or for any other reason. Redrawn or hand drawn versions of the mark are  not authorized.

Examples of SUU wordmark on colorful backgrounds

Colored Backgrounds

Backgrounds must not interfere with the integrity of the wordmark. It is acceptable for the wordmark to appear on lightly colored backgrounds with no more than approximately 40 percent color density/saturation.

Reverse color wordmarks are acceptable if background colors are sufficiently dark (approximately 40 percent color density or more). In such instances reverse color versions should appear in white.

On a solid black background, reverse color versions are acceptable in solid SUU Red (Pantone 200) or with the SUU logotype in red and the University name in white.

Example of SUU wordmark on photo backgrounds

Photo Backgrounds

When placing the wordmark over a background photo, the wordmark must remain clearly visible and its colors distinguishable. Acceptable photographs offer a clear or safe space around the mark equal to about half the height of the SUU logotype. It is best to avoid busy images with too much detail. Marketing Communication is available to take photo requests. (email link)

If the photo background is sufficiently dark, reverse versions of the wordmarks may be used.

Example of unacceptable rotated wordmark


The wordmark may not be rotated.

EXCEPTION: When used as a design element, the SUU logotype may be rotated with some limitations; see below.

Example of SUU logotype used as a design element

The SUU Logotype as a Design Element

The SUU logotype may be used as a design element in a layout, as long as an unaltered version of the wordmark appears elsewhere on the page (if it is a single-side, single-page document) or on the back of a multi-page publication, such as a brochure.

When used as a design element, the SUU logotype can be rotated horizontally up to 90 degrees left or right. It must never appear upside down.

Use of the SUU logotype as a design element must be approved by Marketing Communication. (email link)

Do not use the wordmark as a watermark image


The SUU wordmark may not be used as a watermark in documents.

Unacceptable effects added to SUU wordmark


To ensure integrity, design effects may not be applied to the wordmark including: outlines, drop shadows or glows, 3D effects, and software filters.

EXCEPTION: Screen-printed apparel, as long the proportions of the mark are maintained and legible, may include a wordmark that appears distressed, or one that is created from lines, dots, etc.

Video Applications

In video production only, SUU marks may be distorted, moved or otherwise manipulated from original form for up to three seconds for the purpose of animation. Marks must return to their official form and remain intact when animation resolves.

Secondary Marks: Colleges, Departments, Programs

Secondary marks are created to identify specific campus units. Secondary marks are primarily for internal, on-campus use only. Please order secondary marks for your college, program or department from the Office of Marketing Communication (

Example of SUU wordmark for colleges/schools

Secondary Mark Guidelines

On materials intended for internal or on-campus use only, secondary marks may stand alone.

On materials designed for off-campus distribution, the SUU wordmark must accompany secondary logos. For example, on a recruitment brochure, the secondary logo may appear alone on the front if the SUU wordmark appears on the back.

Secondary marks offer one alternate version for use in layouts where the primary version is unsuitable.

Example of department wordmark alteration for apparel usage.

Alternate Mark for Apparel

The alternate department mark without the SUU logotype was created specifically for apparel uses, such as a crest design on a shirt. It may appear in black, red or white, depending on the shirt color.

Athletic Style Guide


Thor is the visual representation of the SUU Thunderbirds mascot. Thor should always be represented on any SUU Athletics branded medium. For internal Athletics use this mark can appear as a standalone, provided the layout also contains one of the following: SUU, Southern Utah University, Thunderbirds, or Southern Utah.

Examples of the Thor birdhead logo

Incorrect reversal version of Thor logoA reverse version of Thor is required for one-color printing on a dark background, such as printing a white mark on a red shirt, or a gray mark on a black shirt.

(NOTE: A version of the Thor mark combined with “SUU” is currently in development.)

On occasion, and with Marketing Communication permission, Thor may be used for student-spirit or recruitment applications. In such applications the name of the University (or its acronym) must also appear in the layout.

Athletic Fonts

Example of Aachen Bold font for athletics use at SUU

The primary font of SUU Athletics is Aachen Bold. No other variation of this font may be used. This font should only be used for spelling out our trademarked names and sports.

Example of Avenir Next font used in athletics logos at SUU

The secondary font of SUU Athletics is Avenir Next. This typeface may be used with our four trademarked word (SUU, Southern Utah University, Thunderbirds, Southern Utah), as well as copy, subheads, titles and other instances that can provide stability to the brand.

SUU Heraldry

NOTE: The SUU Heraldry and Historic Marks require specific permission to use. Please submit your request to the Office of Marketing Communication (

The University heraldry is reserved for formal communications. It should be used with discretion and only on official documents including diplomas, certificates, functions associated with the Office of the President, and publications such as the commencement program.

College Versions

Each college also has its own coat of arms, which fall under the same usage restrictions as the University Heraldry.

Examples of the University and individual college heraldry designs

Historic Marks

Examples of historic marks from SUU's past

Historic marks and their associated variations were previously used to identify the institution and its athletic program. These marks may only be used in very specific instances that pertain to communication about the history of the University.