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The Trademarks of the University

Southern Utah University established a licensing program to protect and control the University's trademarks and to maximize the exposure the University receives through the use of its marks and the sale of merchandise. The University has partnered in this effort with the largest and most experienced trademark licensing company in the country, Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). Under law, as well as University policies, the usage of the marks in any environment must not contain any modification or deviation from the licensed form.

It is necessary for all groups – whether on or off campus – to obtain approval before producing any products or printed materials that include SUU's trademarks.

What You Need to Know About SUU Trademarks

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is any art, symbol, nickname, letters or words that officially represent the institution. The mark is typically protected by law to insure the institution's integrity and identity. SUU has quite a few trademarks that are the protected property of the University.

What does this mean to me?

Your school spirit and enthusiasm to use SUU trademarks is welcomed, and we want to encourage you to use SUU's well-known images. We simply want to ensure you understand the guidelines that must be followed when using SUU's trademarks in order to ensure the University's image remains a consistent and positive one.

How can I obtain an approved SUU trademark?

The SUU marks are managed by the Office of Marketing Communication. Never use low resolution marks from the internet or other publications. Instead, use our downloads page, or allow our office to provide you with the high ­quality digital version of the mark that will best fit your need. You can contact Chelsea Howells by calling 435­-586-5400 or emailing

How can I use trademarks?

If you want to use an SUU trademark on any official University publication (i.e., brochures, newsletters, posters, etc.), you may do so as long as you do not alter the marks in any way. The online style guides will give you directions about the use of the marks, including the official designs for letterhead and business cards. If you have questions about using the trademarks, contact Chelsea Howells by calling 435-­586-5400 or emailing

Why have a licensing program?

A trademark licensing program gives the University control over its logos and marks, thus, ensuring the quality and consistency of all of the University's merchandise. It also enables the University to generate revenue from the sale of merchandise bearing its logos and marks. The revenue is used to fund scholarships, facility improvements and athletics.

Who is the Collegiate Licensing Company?

The Collegiate Licensing Company is the licensing partner for the University. As the University's partner, CLC shares responsibility with the University for administering the licensing program, including processing applications, collecting royalties, enforcing trademarks and pursuing new market opportunities for the University. CLC has similar partnerships with hundreds of schools across the nation.

Who is licensed with the University?

Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director for Internal Operations Dan Moye or CLC can provide a list of current licensees for the University's merchandise. It is typically easier to work with an established University licensee than try and license a new vendor. Both the University and CLC can provide you with information on products produced by all licensees so you can match your needs with the right company.

The "Officially Licensed Collegiate Products" hologram label signifies merchandise has passed the standards of quality set forth by the University and a portion of the purchase is returned to SUU.

Can I sell SUU merchandise as a fundraiser?

Anyone wishing to sell merchandise with the marks, logos and symbols of the University must obtain a license, or purchase merchandise from a licensed vendor. Selling merchandise as a fund raising event for a team, club, organization or any entity DOES NOT exempt the seller from the need to use a licensed vendor.

What about using the University's name or logo on a website?

Every external use of the University’s trademarks requires permission from the Office of Marketing Communication. The internet has made it easy for alumni, fans and supporters to build web pages with the University’s name and logos, and the University appreciates this support. However, federal trademark laws require that the University control it’s name and marks; therefore, the University must be selective in granting permission in all instances. For more information, contact the Office of Marketing Communication (435-­865-­5400; ext 5400).

What products can be licensed?

Students, alumni and fans generate many great ideas for new University products. Products will be considered and must be approved by CLC through the Office of Marketing Communication. This ensures all products associated with the University are of high quality and good taste, and also ensures the non­approval of potentially hazardous items or damaging imagery.

What if I sell non-licensed merchandise?

Failure to obtain a license or approval from the Office of Marketing Communication would be grounds for the seizure of all non­approved merchandise up for sale that bears the University’s marks. It also could result in legal proceedings.

How do you obtain a license application?

Anyone wishing to obtain a license to produce merchandise must submit a license application. This application informs the University of how its marks will be used, what type of product the applicant makes, how the University is going to be represented, etc. Applications can be obtained by visiting the downloads section of and answers to questions you have can be found at this site.