Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication Videography Pricing & Requests

SUU’s Video Services are devoted to University level branding for commercials, recruitment, and online content creation. Depending on our previous commitments and resources, we can assist with productions for college-level marketing purposes and/or events. The Marketing Communication Office reserves the right to determine if a request is in the best use of the department’s time based on the overall needs of the university.

Because of the resources and time consuming nature of video projects, our office does charge for filming and editing services. Each project varies based on different client’s needs; rates vary depending on the shoot time, editing requirements, design work, crew requirements, etc. If you have a particular budget, we can coordinate a plan that works for your video project. Please contact us for more details.

Videography Fees

The following is to be used as a guide only:

Video Fees Description
Pre-Production $50

Help with scripting, interview questions and/or logistics and set up

* Free consultation after video form is filled out


$50 (1 Camera per hour)

$75 (2 Cameras per hour)

The hours of filming using one or two cameras based on your request


$25 (Editing/processing per hour*)

$25 (Voice over recording)

$25 (Music)

*1 hour of filming equates to about 8 hours of editing

Editing Cost Includes:

  • Lower thirds graphics (name/title graphic)
  • Basic SUU title and closing graphic (anything beyond a standard SUU template will be extra)

Videos will not be released until approved by the client, however we ask everyone to please be diligent and thorough in communication during the pre-production, filming, and especially the final approval process. Editing charges continue throughout the approval process and double in cost after the second round of revisions, if necessary.

If considering a video for your specific area, please fill out the form below. All requests need to be submitted with at least two months notice before final product is due.