Mountain Center Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Mountain Center is located near mile marker 11 on SR 14. It is on the south side of SR 14 and is marked with signage.
  • The Physical Address is 8800 E. Highway 14, Cedar Canyon.
  • Utah Fire Code will allow up to 144 individuals inside the cabin during the day and 45 individuals overnight. These numbers may not be exceeded and include children.
  • Tents and trailers are allowed for extra guests.
  • To keep rental costs low, guests are expected to clean up after themselves (leaving the cabin as they found it.)
  • A cleaning checklist will be provided with your rental agreement and at check-in.
  • All items on the list will need to be completed in a thorough manner prior to check-out.
  • Cleaning supplies and trash bags are provided.
  • You will need to bring all bedding such as blankets, sleeping bags, sheets, pillows, towels, etc. as well as any other personal items you may need.
  • You will need to bring ALL KITCHEN SUPPLIES such as dishes, silverware, pots and pans. Paper goods work great!
  • You can Check out a Kitchen Kit for an additional fee of $25.00. Ask the Mtn Center coordinator for details.
  • Check-in is generally at 3 pm but can be adjusted by request.
  • Typically an SUU representative will meet you at the cabin at the designated check-in time, and will give you a key at that time.
  • Check-out is at 11 a.m. for overnight guests and 10 p.m. for day guests. An SUU representative will inspect the space after your stay to verify the cabin is clean and undamaged. If the space requires extensive cleaning or repairs you may be subject to a cleaning or repair fee.
  • Early check-in and extended check-out are available, but only by request. Unapproved early or late check-ins may be subject to a fee and loss of future use of the mountain center. The rate is $25.00 per extra hour that you extend. Check with the Event Services Coordinator for more information (435-586-1983).
  • The booking period for public reservations (non-SUU faculty, staff, and clubs) is opened on February 1st of the applicable calendar year.
  • Reservations for SUU campus sponsored events, classes & clubs are prioritized, and the booking period is open year-round.
  • You will need to BRING ALL BEDDING such as blankets, sleeping bags, sheets, pillows
  • There are four bedrooms upstairs. Each has a queen sized bed.
  • There is a loft area upstairs with seven single beds.
  • There is one bedroom with a queen sized bed on the main floor and 2 sofa beds in the living area.
  • There is room for sleeping bags/air mattresses, etc. in the big room on the main floor as long as no more than 45 individuals are sleeping inside the cabin.
  • There is a men’s and a women’s bathroom. Each has two stalls, two sinks and two showers.
  • Toilet paper and paper towels are provided.
  • There is a modern outhouse in the parking lot, you can request to have it opened.
  • The preparation and consumption of food is restricted to the kitchen and dining areas (with linoleum flooring) and outdoors.
  • Food is not allowed on the carpeted areas.

There is NO dishwasher. Paper goods work great!

  • There are 13 round tables with a diameter of 48” in the dining area with 57 stacking chairs.
  • There are 16 banquet tables (8ft) and 143 outside chairs located in the shed under the pavilion.
  • Gray stacking chairs are located in the storage room and the shed under the pavilion. If you would like access to the shed please request it to be unlocked.
  • Nails, tacks, staples, or other sharp objects are not to be driven into walls, floors, ceilings, or tables.
  • Decorations must not be attached to curtains, draperies, or air vents nor are they to be attached to or obstruct fire equipment.
  • Masking tape, Scotch tape, two-sided (carpet) tape, duct tape, or glue cannot be used. The Outdoor Engagement Center must approve any adhesive material.
  • All free-standing decorations must be stable and anchored securely.
  • Flammable materials including, but not limited to hay, leaves, straw, and cornstalks, are prohibited.
  • Materials that may create walking hazards including, but not limited to sand, gravel, and rice are prohibited.
  • Glitter or confetti of any kind is not permitted in the building.
  • Live pine trees, typically used for holidays, are prohibited by state risk management.
  • All decorations must be painted prior to being brought into the building.
  • Approval must be secured to extend decorations outside the room which has been reserved.
  • Candles, open flames, warmers, or space heaters are not permitted.
  • All decorations must be removed at the conclusion of the contracted time or you are subject to a cleaning fee.

There is a gas griddle located under the pavilion. It is available for use provided it is cleaned afterward. (Propane is supplied for your convenience.)

There is no air conditioning. It is not usually needed. There is central heat kept at 65० F (and can be adjusted as needed) and two gas fireplaces.

  • A basic Kitchen Kit can be checked out for an additional fee of $25 dollars.
  • The kit includes everything you will need to prepare a meal such as pots, pans, knives, spatulas, can-openers, cutting boards, cheese grater, pizza cutter, oven mitts, measuring cups etc.
  • The kitchen kit does NOT include serving plates, bowls, silverware, cups etc.
  • The kit is picked up and handed off at the same time you receive your keys and should be dropped off in the same condition it was received.
  • To reserve, go online to the Mountain Center website, check the availability calendar, and submit a request for the date/dates you need.
  • Reservations are taken on a first come first serve basis, by order of submission.
  • Rental rates vary depending on whether the guests are SUU classes, faculty, staff, and clubs, or private citizens using the mountain center for personal or commercial purposes.
  • See the Mountain Center page & Sheep Herder’s Camp page for rate details.
  • Public/private (non-SUU sponsored events) must pay the total balance of their invoice online 30 days prior to the reservation check-in date.
  • SUU classes reserve the SUU Mountain Center for free, SUU sponsored events are billed the week of their reservation interdepartmentally.
  • Cancellations 2+ months in advance will be refunded the rental amount - $50.
  • Cancellations less than two months in advance will be refunded 50% of their rental amount.
  • Cancellation must be submitted in writing. If notice of cancellation is received more than two months prior to the date of check-in, the Sponsor agrees will forfeit a $50 reservation fee.
  • If the Sponsor cancels the reservation two months or less from check-in, the Sponsor will forfeit 50% of the total rental amount.
  • If a reservation is canceled by the SUU Mountain Center due to weather emergencies, power outages, water outages, civil unrest, a threat to national security, or any other occurrence which may threaten the safety of persons, all payments besides the nonrefundable deposit will be refunded.
  • The Mountain Center is reliably open Memorial Day weekend through the end of September.
  • Winter reservations are available but are subject to winter weather, with access to the cabin potentially limited due to road and weather conditions.

There is a fire pit located near the lower pavilion. This may be used only for green burn days, and the fire must be properly extinguished. You will need to provide your own firewood. Fire danger conditions are posted on SR 14.

Yes, a coin-op washer and dryer are located behind the kitchen area.

  • Pets are not allowed inside the Mountain Center Building.
  • Service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act are permitted.
  • The gravel parking lot is large enough to hold approximately 20 mid-sized automobiles.
  • There is also a dumpster located in the parking lot by the outdoor lavatory. Please do not block the dumpster.

ATVs and Snowmobiles are NOT allowed on the Mountain Center Property or Sheepherders Camp.

There is NO internet service available at the Mountain Center. This space is GREAT for “unplugging” and getting a group to focus, but plan accordingly if you need to make presentations etc.

  • Cell service is generally not available at the cabin.
  • There is some service if you have a TMobile plan.
  • There is a radio phone for emergencies only. There are detailed instructions posted near the radio phone to call out. The radio phone is located in the living room on the bookshelf. For instructions on how to use the radio phone, go to the “Emergency Phone” section of this document.
  • There is NO telephone landline or reliable cell service at the mountain center.
  • In case of emergency, there is a radio located on the ground floor, to the right of the fireplace near the window/bookshelf.

There is a sand volleyball court as well as a horseshoe pit on the west side of the property. There is also a short trail up the mountain that begins just behind the cabin. Supplies may be needed.

  • There is one small TV located in the living room.
  • Cable is not provided.
  • A DVD player may or may not be available.

Yes, there is a hiking trail directly behind the cabin. Check out the Cedar City Tourism Bureau’s website for other ideas on what to do in the area!

There is a Snotel Station located approximately 200 yards southwest of the cabin. It is used to gather weather data. Please do not touch the equipment.

  • Although the cabin is well maintained, due to the nature of the building and surrounding area, an occasional mouse, squirrel, insect, etc. may find its way inside.
  • In order to prevent this as much as possible, please do not leave doors propped open!

A rustic camp with breathtaking views located just up the canyon from Southern Utah University's campus. The pavilion area is available to rent for small family reunions and other outdoor activities. The Sheepherder's cabin turnoff is just past mile marker 10 on highway 14 (West of the SUU Cabin.) Turn South onto the gravel road and proceed approximately one-half a mile. A green gate on the left leads to the cabin.

  • This is a primitive campsite. It is quiet, private, and beautiful with an outdoor fire pit, covered pavilion, and picnic table.
  • There is no running water, bathroom, or garbage removal. Plan on practicing leave-no-trace practices if reserving this location.
  • There used to be an old cabin on this site but it is no longer present. The cabin was found structurally unsound and removed in 2020.