Mountain Center Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the physical address of the cabin?

8800 E. Highway 14

Q: Where is the cabin?

The cabin is located approximately at mile marker 11 on SR 14. It is on the south side of SR 14 and is marked with signage. Please see map for directions. The event coordinator can provide maps upon request.

Q: What is the maximum occupancy of the cabin?

Utah Fire Code will allow up to 144 individuals inside the cabin during the day and 45 individuals overnight. These numbers may not be exceeded and include children. Tents and trailers are allowed for extra guests. There is a modern outhouse located in the parking lot, you can request to have opened.

Q: What should I bring to the cabin?

You will need to bring any and all kitchen supplies such as dishes, silverware, pots and pans. You will also need to bring blankets, pillows, towels, etc. as well as any personal items you may need.

Q: What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check in is standardly at noon. Check-out is at 11 a.m. for overnight guests and 10 p.m. for day guests. Early check-in and extended check-out is sometimes available. The rate is $25.00 per hour that you extend. Check with the Event Services Coordinator for more information. (435) 586-1983

Q: What is the check in process?

Your group will be issued a key to get you into the front door. Typically an SUU representative will meet you at the cabin at the designated check in time. An SUU representative will also be there after you check out to verify cabin is clean and undamaged.

Q: How many beds are there?

There are four bedrooms upstairs. Each has a queen sized bed. There is a loft area upstairs with seven single beds. There is one bedroom with a queen sized bed on the main floor and 2 sofa beds in the living area. There is room for sleeping bags/air mattresses, etc. in the big room on the main floor as long as no more than 45 individuals are sleeping inside the cabin.

Q: How many bathrooms are there?

There is a men’s and a women’s bathroom. Each has two stalls, two sinks and two showers. Toilet paper and paper towels are provided. There is a modern outhouse in the parking lot, you can request to have opened.

Q: Where can we eat?

Please keep food and drink in the kitchen and dining areas or outside.

Q: Is there a dishwasher in the kitchen?

There is no dishwasher. Paper goods work great!

Q: How many tables are there?

There are 13 round tables with diameter of 48” in the dining area with 57 stacking chairs. There are 16 banquet tables (8ft) and 143 outside chairs located in the shed under the pavilion. Gray stacking chairs are located in the storage room and the shed under the pavilion. If you would like access to the shed please request it to be unlocked.

Q: Is there a grill available for use?

There is a gas grill located under the pavilion. It is available for use provided it is cleaned afterward. (Propane is supplied for your convenience.)

Q: Is there air conditioning/heat?

There is no air conditioning. It is not usually needed. There is central heat as well as two gas fireplaces.

Q: Are laundry facilities available?

Yes, a coin-op washer and dryer are located behind the kitchen area.

Q: What activities are available?

There is a sand volleyball court as well as a horseshoe pit on the west side of the property. Supplies may be needed. There is also a fire pit that is located north of the deck. This may be used on green burn days only and the fire must be properly extinguished. Fire danger conditions are posted on SR 14.

Q: Are there hiking trails close by?

Yes, there is a hiking trail directly behind the cabin. Contact the Cedar City visitor center for more info on hikes surrounding the area. (435) 586-5124

Q: What is a Snotel Site?

There is a Snotel Station located approximately 200 yards southwest of the cabin. It is used to gather weather data. Please do not touch the equipment.

Q: Can we bring ATVs?

ATVs are not allowed on the Mountain Ranch.

Q: Is a TV provided?

There is one small TV located in the living room. Cable is not provided. A DVD player may or may not be available.

Q: Is there cell service at the cabin?

Cell service is not available at the cabin. There is a radio phone for emergencies only. There are detailed instructions posted near the radio phone to call out. The radio phone is located in the living room on the bookshelf. To call the cabin, the radio phone number is 435-586-0564. You will be prompted to enter the mobile number, which is 01149. Please limit incoming calls to urgent or emergency only.

Q: What about squirrels and bugs?

Although the cabin is well maintained, due to the nature the building and surrounding area, an occasional mouse, squirrel , insect, etc. may find its way inside. In order to prevent this as much as possible, please do not leave outside doors open.

Q: How big is the parking lot?

The gravel parking lot is large enough to hold approximately 20 mid-sized automobiles. There is also a dumpster located in the parking lot by the outdoor lavatory.

Q: Are guests required to clean the cabin prior to check-out?

Yes, a cleaning checklist will be provided at check-in. All items on the list will need to be completed in a thorough manner prior to check-out. Cleaning supplies and trash bags are provided. Due to the popularity of the cabin, there is usually very little time between guests. Please leave the cabin in the condition you would like to find it.

Q: When can I reserve the Mountain Center for the following year?

Reservations for the following year will be taken each February 1st. Go online to the Mountain Center website and submit a form with 3 possible dated in order of preference. Reservations will be taken on a first come first serve basis, by order of submission.

Q: Is the Mountain Center open year round?

The Mountain Center is generally open Memorial Day weekend through the end of September.

Q: What is the rental rate?

Beginning in July of 2019, the rate for day use is $425 per day, including tax. The rate for overnight use is $650 per night, including tax. Rates are subject to change.

Q: What is the payment process?

A $50.00 reservation fee is required when the contract/estimate is signed. This fee is non-refundable. The fee will be applied to the total invoice with the non-refundable balance is due 60 days prior to check-in.