Betty McDonald Pre-Med Institute

Admission Requirements for MPI

MPI accepts well-qualified students who show that they have previously been very successful in their academic and personal lives. Students who feel they meet an acceptable level of performance, but who do not have the equivalent of the records below, can apply for conditional acceptance.


Students will need to have earned a 3.7 Grade Point Average in their home country. Learn how to calculate your GPA. As medical schools generally look for a GPA of 3.5 or higher, it is important for you to possess the study habits that will keep your grade consistently high.


Students will need to have passed the ACT or equivalent test with a score of 21 or above.
Students will need to have passed the TOEFL test with a score of 71 or better.

While enrolled in MPI, students will participate in Focused Language Acquisition classes to help improve their understanding and use of English, but will need to already have a firm foundation of English in place when they arrive.

Letter of Recommendation

Applying students should include two letters of recommendation, preferably from teachers, advisors, school administrators or employers. The letters should attest to the student’s personal character and ability to work hard in school and professional situations.


Applying students need to include a 3 page (approximately 750 words), written essay that discusses these questions: Why do you want to become a health professional? What do you hope to accomplish by going to medical, pharmaceutical, dental or nursing school? What skills do you possess that will help you be successful in these efforts?