Betty McDonald Pre-Med Institute

Past Articles

Learning about the U.S. from 3000 miles away:

When Young Ri Jung, a student of MPI and SUU, signed up for his first cultural immersion trip, he had mixed feelings. The trip would take him a world away from the United States, to Panama, a place where the English and American culture he had been working so hard at picking up would do him little good. "I was worried at first,” Young Ri admitted. “I thought I didn’t know enough yet. I thought I would mess up.”

Dancing Outside the Box - APRIL 11, 2013

SUU's annual Dancing with the Stars event featured a new face this year, one that was very familiar to enrollees of MPI. After three years of being invited to participate in the event, a fun-filled dance competition that pairs members of SUU’s Ballroom Dance Company with well-knows “stars” of the community, Johnny Oh, Director of the Betty McDonald Pre-Med Institute, was finally able to say yes.