HP (Health Professional) to BSN 

Prerequisite information available upon request:  robertsonv@suu.edu.


We look forward to working with you in completing your admissions application and offer the following guidelines to insure proper processing. 

Students just finishing their LPN from Southwest or Dixie Technical College and anticipate direct entry into the Health Professional to BSN program, please request alternate application "Letter of Intent" from robertsonv@suu.edu.

SUU Department of Nursing admission is competitive and based on review of all application materials.  Minimum requirements to apply for admission include the following:

  • Completed admission application packet for HP (Health Professional) to BSN option.
  • Completion of ALL pre-requisites; including Core Course Requirements, Knowledge Area Requirements, & Required Support Courses.1
  • Undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.  
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale on all “Required Support Courses” with no course grade less than a C (C- is not acceptable).
  • Completed “Department of Nursing Advisement Sheet" signed by applicant and adviser. Consult with SUU, Walter Maxwell Gibson, College of Science and Engineering Student Success Advisor (as listed above) prior to submitting your application.
  • Copy of your LPN license or Paramedic Certificate by first Friday of September.
  • $40.00 non-refundable nursing application fee; checks made payable to “SUU Nursing (NURS2)” & Paid to SUU Cashiers Office, include copy of your receipt in application packet. (Use attached deposit form). Or pay on-line at link below and select “Application On-line Payment Option”, include a copy of your receipt in your application packet.

1Students who are finishing pre-requisite courses during the semester they apply to the Nursing Program will need to submit their final grade report to the Department of Nursing by 4:00 pm, by Friday of the week grades are posted.

Please note that meeting the above requirements does not guarantee admission. From the applicants who meet minimum requirements, those who appear to be best qualified will be admitted.   The goal of the Admissions and Advancement Committee is to select the most capable students. GPA and course grades are carefully scrutinized and are an important part of the application process.  The application package assists us in evaluating these qualities. We expect applicants to be courteous, respectful, truthful, and professional at all times.

Applications and all required documentation need to be submitted to the Department of Nursing ON or BEFORE 4:00PM, December 30, 2021, to be considered for the 2022 program (Applications postmarked/received after this deadline will NOT be considered for admission to the program). 

The selective admission process for HP (Health Professional) to BSN students is once per year, Summer semester. Applicants are notified of the committee decision by mail, late February. All decisions by the Nursing Admissions and Advancement Committee are final and may not be appealed.  

HP (Health Professional) to BSN Application - 2022 (DUE: on or before 4:00 PM, December 30, 2021).

Letter of Recommendation Form (to email to the recommender, if desired).