Let's GO Master's Degree Scholarship

The cost of a master's degree at Southern Utah University is already 50% less than the national average.* 

It's about to get even more affordable.

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Available to first-year graduate students seeking an online master’s degrees.

SUU has created the Let's GO Scholarship to help students begin their master's education. This one-time scholarship provides assistance for Spring, Summer, Fall 2023 & Spring 2024. It covers up to $1000 per semester for a maximum of 3 semesters. SUU Online anticipates high demand for this scholarship. Funds are limited, apply as soon as possible. Submitting the scholarship application does not guarantee an award.

Qualified Online Graduate Programs*

*Other SUU Online Graduate programs are available, but do not qualify for the Let's GO Scholarship

Scholarship Requirements

  • Must be admitted to and enrolled in an online SUU graduate program as a first-time graduate student or transfer student
  • Must not have attended an online or on-campus SUU graduate program in the last 12 months
  • Must be enrolled in Fall semesters of 2023, Spring semester of 2024, or Summer semester of 2024.
  • Must take a minimum of 6 credits.
  • Not all students and graduate programs are eligible for this scholarship. Apply to see you qualify. 

Scholarship Awards

  • Enrolling in 9 or more graduate credit hours in a semesters makes a student eligible for up to $1,000 tuition scholarship for that semeste
  • Enrolling in 6-8 graduate credit hours in a semester makes a student eligible for up to $600 in tuition scholarship for that semester.
  • Currently, this scholarship is awarded for a set number of semesters based upon a student's semester start date. It is our goal to extend this funding in the future, if possible:
    • Students starting Fall 2023 - Eligible for 3 semesters
    • Students starting Spring 2024 - Eligible for 2 semester
    • Students starting Summer 2024 - Eligible for 1 semester

Scholarship funds are limited. Submitting an application does not guarantee an award.

Scholarship Requirements

Earn Your Degree Anytime, Anywhere.

An online graduate degree can open new doors like promotions, job opportunities, and self-fulfillment. There is no need to uproot your life to attend on-campus. Most of SUU's master's degrees provide an extraordinary education, one that can be completed 100% online, anytime, anywhere.

Let SUU’s Let's GO Master's Degree Scholarship help you achieve your educational goals.


Contact the Online Outreach Team by emailing christopherdimond@suu.edu or calling 435-865-8653


*According to educationdata.org, the average cost of a master's degree at a public university is $29,150.