Africa Adventure in eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) and South Africa May 9-20, 2020

Experience the rich and wonderful sites, animals and people of Africa. Join trip directors Dr. Jon Smith, Professor Anne Smith, and Dr. Bill Heyborne, as they immerse travelers into a true African adventure.

Participants will encounter the people, activities, culture, and wildlife of southern Africa in a safe, entertaining and informative way. Jon and Anne lived in eSwatini (formerly Swaziland). They will share their knowledge and love of the landscape and help you to feel at home with the people that have become their friends. Bill will provide fascinating facts and context of African ecosystems and wildlife.

Africa Adventure exposes participants to travel photography, ecotourism, wildlife and humanitarian service in eSwatini and South Africa. Travel sites include game reserves, national parks, museums, cultural parks, and service organizations.


  • Wildlife immersion with more than six game drives, bushwalks, and photo safaris
  • Colorful local markets
  • Community based projects
  • Kick dancers in traditional clothing
  • The importance of ecotourism to the landscape and local economies
  • Lion safari
  • A wide variety of accommodations from high end hotels to safari tents in the bush
  • Eat local – try traditional foods
  • Optional canopy tour (zipline) through a canyon

Bring a sense of adventure and return with a lifetime of memories!

two giraffes