Online Teaching and Learning

Services and Technologies for Instructors

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Instructional Design

Instructional Design at the course level and department level, including working directly with individual instructors for course design utilizing Canvas; working with departments for online course and program development; and coordinating with the CETL Director to deliver instructional design workshops and professional development.

Technical Support

Technical Support, including technical support for faculty, staff, and students utilizing Canvas; technical support regarding the function of Canvas and its tools; research regarding new technologies related to learning management systems; Help Desk tutorials; student orientation to Canvas; and technical support of instructional design.

Multimedia Instructional Development

Multimedia Instructional Development, including video instruction for online (Studio 97 opportunities), hybrid, and face-to-face courses; interactive video conferencing (IVC) for courses, meetings, interviews, and other communication.

Institutional Support

Institutional Support, including collaboration with various entities such as the CETL, the General Education (GE) Committee, the Faculty Senate, the University Curriculum Committees, student evaluations, and others; and design and implementation of a comprehensive quality assurance review for online courses.

We Support the Following Technologies

  1. Canvas is SUU’s learning management system (LMS) instructors use for face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses. Canvas allows students to track their assignments and grades throughout the semester.
  2. Design Tools allows instructors to build courses in Canvas with a consistent design which improves the look, feel, and function of courses leading to increased student engagement in the course.
  3. Proctorio monitors test-taking activities. Institutions, Faculty, and Students all have a strong interest in maintaining the integrity of exams. Proctorio monitors over 20 suspicious behaviors, so instructors can ensure exams are proctored fairly and impartially.
  4. TurnItIn detects plagiarism in assignments submitted in Canvas with instructor activation.
  5. Kaltura allows instructors to create video assignments and quizzes, recorded demos, professor introductions and feedback, and flipped classrooms from their offices. Video is making the classroom more personalized, accessible, accountable, and interactive. With Kaltura, instructors can pre-record lectures or demonstrations. Recording over PowerPoint presentations is available giving students a picture in picture viewing opportunity.
  6. Big Blue Button provides instructors a virtual location for asynchronous or synchronous sessions with their class, guest lecturers present to an online class, office hours over the internet, and even some web-conferencing. Recording is available but not required.
  7. Studio97 provides a studio for instructors to record video introduction to courses, updates, summaries, and more. The ability to add text, or PowerPoints in the editing process is available. There is a “lite-board”, which is a glass whiteboard keeping the writing/drawing and instructor in the same screen during the video.