T-Bird Outdoor Connection

T-Bird Outdoor Connection

August 25-28, 2022

T-Bird Outdoor Connection (TOC) is designed for participants to create
lasting friendships, connect to the SUU community, and appreciate the
amazing places surrounding Cedar City. TOC provides the opportunity to
learn and be inspired in natural landscapes through meaningful adventure.
Your four-day adventure awaits

Adventure Orientation

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First day activitiesAfter we check in, individual groups will go through SUU's challenge course, and spend about 2 hours there, while participating in getting to know you activities. After the SUU Challenge course, your assigned groups will go hiking in some of Cedar City's favorite hiking locations! After small group adventures we will meet at Zion National Park for dinner and camping.
We will spend the first half of the day hiking and exploring Zion National Park in your assigned groups. After hiking, groups will head to a nearby lake for water activities such as swimming and stand up paddle boards! After spending time at the lake, the group will head to Three Peaks Campsite for dinner and camping.
Participants hikingAfter breakfast, students and their assigned groups will switch off between rock climbing at Graveside Wall and hiking/exploring the area surrounding Southern Utah University and Cedar City. At the end of the day, groups will meet back at Three Peaks campsite for dinner, camping, and a fire (if restrictions allow it)!
During your last day, you will continue to adventure with your small groups until the afternoon. Students will then return to SUU campus where everyone will get together and end with our annual traditions. TOC will end in the afternoon whereupon students may return to their housing in time to prepare for Thunder-U. Thunder-U, a student directed orientation, will begin August 29th.

Please email johnssierra007@gmail.com for more information.

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