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Clinics for the 2019 Southern Utah Climbing Festival

Clinics for the 2019 Southern Utah Climbing Festival
BoulderGram: How to look cool bouldering on your Instagram Keith Howells
Bouldering 101: How to not die bouldering Tyler Webb
Technique and Tactics: How to send your project Colin Hale and Casey Webb
Intro to Climbing Movement: How to not suck at bouldering Kayla Harley and Brooke Peck


 student climbing a boulder

Casey Webb Bio:

Although he was born and raised in northern Utah, Casey considers himself a “true local” in the southern Utah climbing scene. He first learned the tricks and subtleties of bouldering at Moe’s Valley while attending Southern Utah University. Now he balances family life and career as a geology professor at SUU, yet still finds time to push his personal limits as a climber. Casey has established many hard first ascents throughout Utah. He loves to share his passion of climbing with others and has experience coaching through Momentum Climbing’s youth program.

Colin Hale Bio:

Whether it be boulders, big walls, or sport routes, Colin does it all. Not only does he do it all, he does it all well! He has achieved elite levels in all 3 disciplines having climbed V13 boulders, 5.14 sport routes, and 5.13 trad lines. Like most climbers, he started in the gym, but at the young age of 12. While he still enjoys climbing and training in the gym, he admits that outdoor climbing is where his passion lies. He is always quick to share his wisdom and philosophies on climbing and those that interact with him come away better for it. Colin considers himself a “lifer” in the sport of climbing and is always finding ways to perfect his craft.

Keith Howells Bio:

Throughout history there has always been a few people who deeply impacted their industry. Keith is not that type of person! Not a pro athlete. Going on small adventures in southern Utah. Keith has been able to use his weak skill set of photography and content marketing to create quite a following to educate and further outdoor recreation in southern Utah.