T-Bird Bikes

“Our mission is to encourage students to explore an alternative form of transportation by making bicycles more accessible and teaching them how to maintain, repair, and enjoy them.”


A main branch of T-Bird Bikes will be focused on bike lending. The goal of the overall program is to get more students on bikes, and Pillar 1 will accomplish this by making bike rentals free for SUU students.


Another key element to getting more students on bikes is to help them be more confident, which stems from knowledge. By teaching students how to diagnose, repair, and maintain their own bikes, they are far more likely to explore bike commuting and recreation. We want to create self-sufficient bicyclists through open-shop time and classes and workshops, all of which are expanded upon in the following section.


In the Spring 2020 term, the Sustainability Club organized “Walk or Wheel to School Day” monthly outreach events.

Contact T-Bird Bikes

Please contact SUU Outdoors if you have any questions about T-Bird Bikes.