Parking Services

Student Parking Permits

Annual student parking permits are $30. Your student permit allows you to park in any red lot on campus. Permits must be hung from the rearview mirror with the numbers facing out. No other items should be blocking the view of the permit.

  • How to obtain a permit:
    • Locate your vehicle registration. 
    • Log into your portal at
    • Click on the parking permit link on the left side of the screen.
    • Add a vehicle to your account or buy a permit and select the student permit option.
    • Select the vehicle you wish to add to the permit. Up to two vehicles can be registered for each permit.
    • Accept the terms found in the Southern Utah University Parking Rules and Regulations.
    • Pay for your permit by credit card or electronic check. A transaction fee will apply if paying with credit card. Permits must be paid for before they will be issued.
    • Pick up your permit from Parking Services located in the Hunter Conference Center 103.

If your vehicle information or license plate changes, you may log into your parking permit screen at any time and update your vehicle information.