Semester in the Parks Student Testimonials

"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees." - Henry David Thoreau

I could not imagine my life now, if I had not participated in Semester in the Parks. Being involved in this program changed me for the better. It opened up my perspective of the outdoors, different cultures, and introduced me to numerous wonderful individuals. I am now a stronger outdoor woman, friend, and advocate. I hope to one day preserve and protect the many pieces of public land that I was exposed to, through Semester in the Parks.

Camryn Christensen

I am proud and grateful to have been able to participate in this experience as it launched for the first time at SUU. I learned and grew up so much. I know this was a life changing experience. I will never forget this period of my life.

Zoe Vallee

I grew up camping and recreating in the outdoors. Once I heard about the Semester in the Parks program I knew it would be amazing. This program gave me a greater appreciation for all the people that helped create our national parks. It also ignited a stronger passion in me for the outdoors. This program taught me so much and I learned something cool everyday. The outdoors was my classroom while in this program and I look forward to learning more from the outdoors on my own time.

Joey Vanstaveren

The Semester in the Parks program was an adventure of a lifetime! The experiences and lessons I learned within these "universities without walls" will stay with me for as long as I live. From the geology of Bryce Canyon to the management of Arches, my appreciation for and devotion to conservation education has grown ten-fold. 

Abby Slik

As a participant in Semester in the Parks, I have been through an experience that I will never forget. With the incredible hands on learning of the classes and the amazing trips to see the natural wonders of America, I was able to experience and gain a new appreciation for the natural world. My favorite trip was when we went to Canyonlands National Park and, while I sat overlooking the maze of canyons below I realized how much I enjoy my time in the outdoors and how I never want to stop expanding on the lessons during this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Matthew Earl

I am so thankful for the opportunity I had these last few months to spend an entire semester becoming a little more familiar with the natural world. I can't thank everyone enough for making this program happen and giving this city girl a chance in the outdoors. All in all, I've spent 30 nights in a tent, visited 7 National Parks, a handful of National Monuments and State Parks, volunteered with the NPS, presented in front of National Park visitors, hiked miles through natural wonders, learned how to bundle myself up when it's 11°F at night, and so much more. Even though I didn't need any more height on me, I definitely came out taller than the trees I lived in.

Alex Salimbene

My experience with Semester in the Parks was a blast. Aside from all of the great field trips and getting so close to some new friends, the teachers are really on to something with this new idea of experiential learning. I had a ton of fun and would greatly recommend this to anyone.

Davis Rackham