President's Leadership Academy

The Southern Utah University President’s Leadership Academy is sponsored by the Office of the President and fittingly inspired by the extraordinary leadership that led to the founding of our institution. The program was developed to build institutional leadership capacity among faculty and staff at SUU and assist with fulfilling our mission and strategic plan by providing support of faculty and staff in achieving their professional and personal goals.

The academy focuses on three primary areas:

  1. personal leadership development,
  2. leadership of groups and teams, and
  3. institutional knowledge and context.

Over the course of nine months, participants will complete a program of self-examination and study that includes seminars on:

  • understanding university decision making
  • developing personal leadership qualities
  • creating a team-oriented focus and culture
  • setting goals and developing visions
  • establishing strategic plans and aligning resources
  • understanding legal and ethical issues
  • sustaining personnel, diversity, and inclusion
  • motivating others and building effective teams
  • building and maintaining the university 

President's Leadership Academy at Southern Utah University

Outcomes for Academy Participants

Academy participants will discover approaches to leadership from President Scott L Wyatt along with senior university administrators, faculty, and staff who will be among the presenters. Participants will learn to recognize the need for leadership and the importance of their personal contributions to the institution. Through the academy, participants will gain information and knowledge that benefit the entire university.