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Running a Lifesaving Sanctuary Certification

RLSC is a three-month hybrid course offering online self-study, live weekly Zoom calls and an in-person experience at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. The in-person experience includes a tour of the facilities and live classes with animal care experts, plus group and individual mentoring.

Designed for those interested in starting an animal sanctuary and not looking to work in a municipal shelter or humane society. Many people have the skills, resources and talents to help animals in their communities. They may need and benefit from Best Friends’ history, experience, knowledge, resources and insights in creating a successful organization.

To express interest in the program or if you have questions, email

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Choose from two participation options:

RLSC Certification - successful completion earns an SUU Institutional Certificate and one Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

RLSC Fast Track - successful completion earns three credits that may articulate into undergraduate or participating master’s degree programs at Southern Utah University.