Leadership Studies Institutional Certificate


The Leadership Studies Institutional Certificate is designed to dive deep into leadership approaches, processes and traits by identifying skills and styles of leadership. You will develop and apply your own individual expertise. Learn the psychological aspects of leadership including culture, ethics, and gender. Learn to create and lead effective groups and teams. By the certificate end, you’ll have a portfolio and build an ongoing improvement plan. 

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Leadership Studies Institutional Certificate Course Work

This certificate program includes online modules, assignments, discussions, and a final project.

Three courses are required to earn this certificate:

  1. Leadership Essentials
  2. Strategic Leadership
  3. Leadership Coaching Strategies

To earn the Leadership Studies Institutional Certificate, students must successfully complete the three required courses with a passing grade.

Expected learning outcomes include:

  • How to analyze basic leadership approaches, processes, and traits
  • How to gain a foundational knowledge of leadership by identifying skills and styles of leadership
  • How to draft a vision plan to include communication and innovation
  • How to delve deeper into interpersonal portions of leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • How to develop and apply their own individual expertise
  • How psychological aspects of leadership can impact culture, ethics, and gender
  • How to create and lead effective groups and teams
  • How to create a continuous improvement plan
  • How to craft a leadership eportfolio (created over the three-course series)