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Biology is a broad science – the study of all living things – that can lead you in many diverse and exciting career directions. From preserving ecosystems in our national parks to microscopic research, teaching biology, and crime scene investigation, the career options a bachelor’s degree in Biology offers are virtually limitless. Southern Utah University’s biology major honors the diversity of this fascinating science by encouraging students who are interested in a variety of areas, including:

  • Botany
  • Forensic Science
  • Biology Education
  • Zoology

Working with your Biology advisor, you will choose courses that give you the background you need to achieve your career goals.

Because classes are purposely kept small, students have opportunities to work closely with their Biology instructors on research projects, assignments, and field trips to the major eco-regions located within driving distance of the Southern Utah University campus. As a result, students form strong mentoring relationships with instructors that can be a real help in arranging internships, locating jobs in the Biology field, and gaining acceptance into graduate or professional school.

As a Biology major you will complete a self-designed capstone project that gives you extensive hands-on experience in your chosen area of biological interest. Past capstone experiences have included such activities as traveling to Guatemala to establish a rural health scholars program, researching bats in the Cedar City region, and mentoring grade school students in the development of their science fair projects. There’s no limit to the possibilities and many students use the capstone experience as a springboard to help them secure a job in the Biology field or gain acceptance into graduate or professional school.

When you graduate from Southern Utah University with a degree in Biology you will be well prepared to take the next step in your career, be that graduate school, professional school, or a job in the sciences.

Why Choose SUU for Biology Studies?

  • Ninety percent of Southern Utah University’s Biology graduates seeking to enter physician’s assistant, optometry, dental, or medical school programs are successful.
  • The EDGE program (Education Designed to Give Experience) provides students with the real world experience often needed to stand out from other job candidates, or be admitted to graduate or professional school.
  • SUU is located on the cusp of three major ecoregions – the Great Basin, the Mojave Desert, and the Rocky Mountains – assuring students the opportunity to actually experience ecodiversity rather than just read about it in a textbook.
  • Students have opportunities to network with and often intern for representatives from state and federal agencies such as the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, the Bureau of Land Management, and the National Park Service.

Career and Salary Potential for Biology Graduates

The career possibilities for those with a degree in Biology vary depending on the area of interest. The following are some of the possibilities:

Botany – researcher for pharmaceutical companies, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Public Health Service, Environmental Protection Agency, and universities

Forensic science – forensic science technician or crime scene investigator for police departments, local and state governments, substance abuse hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, and investigation services

Biology education – teacher in public or private high school, national parks guide

Zoology – following professional school – dentist, veterinarian, physician, physician’s assistant, optometrist in hospitals, clinics, or private practices

Campus Opportunities for Biology Majors

  • Alpha Epsilon Delta
  • American Students Dental Association
  • National Science Teachers Association
  • Physician Assistant Club
  • Biology Club
  • Entomology Club

Bio Blitz – Biology faculty and students put on a conference at the Cedar Breaks National Monument to introduce school children and the public to Southern Utah’s diverse animal life. The event also includes a star night where faculty provides a guided tour of the heavens.

Biology Courses You May Take

  • General Biology – Gain a basic foundation in the areas of biochemistry, organization, and function of cells as well as the transmission of genetic information.
  • Animal Behavior – Study the adaptive value of animal behavior and behavioral diversity, including foraging, territoriality, communication, mating systems, sexual selection, and social behavior, with emphasis on evolutionary and ecological interpretations.
  • Ecology – Explore the biological and physical mechanisms related to the distribution, abundance, and adaptations of organisms.

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