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The Business Education bachelor’s degree program has a long and rich history at Southern Utah University. It is a program designed specifically for those students with a strong desire to teach business at the secondary education level. By graduating from this SUU degree program, you will complete all the requirements to be licensed to teach business in the state of Utah.

There are three components to the Business Education program:

  • Business, which includes taking such courses as accounting, business law, microeconomics, and business writing
  • Computer information technology, which includes such courses as Web development and computer applications
  • Education, which includes the bulk of courses required for your degree

As a Business Education student you will have opportunities to observe in junior high school and high school classrooms and complete 60 days of student teaching in a secondary classroom. In addition, every student in the Business Education degree program participates in Professional Business Leaders (PBL) and Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), organizations that provide excellent experience and career connections for the future.

Southern Utah University’s Business Education program has an excellent track record for graduate placement. In fact, 100 percent of our graduates are hired to teach in Utah either before or shortly after graduation.

  • SUU’s Business Education students take part in state and national competitions through PBL and DECA and have historically placed very well.
  • All graduates of the SUU Business Education program obtain teaching jobs in Utah schools – 100 percent placement.
  • SUU’s Business Education bachelor’s degree is a composite program that includes a business, computer information technology, and education component.

Career and Salary Potential for Business Education Graduates

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, graduates of a Business Education bachelor’s program who become junior high or high school teachers can expect to earn a median annual salary of $55,050. The anticipated growth in this career field is 6 percent through 2022.

Campus Opportunities for Business Education Majors

Professional Business Leaders (PBL)
Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA)

Business Education Courses You May Take

Business Law 1 – Gain an understanding of our U.S. legal system as it relates to business.
Accounting Principles – Receive an introduction to the accounting cycle and basic accounting principles.
Web Development – Learn to use HTML and other software programs to develop Web pages.

Business Education Bachelor's Degree Requirements

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