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Chemistry is an active discipline vital to human existence and essential to the understanding of industrial, economic, medical, biological and environmental issues. The SUU chemistry division is committed to instilling an understanding of chemistry and its relevance through quality teaching, scholarly activities and service. In a world that is becoming increasingly more technical and complex, having chemical knowledge is a must if one is to traverse his/her own unique path.


  • Nearly 100% placement into graduate programs.
  • The Professional Chemistry program is ACS-approved and noted as one of the strongest programs at SUU.
  • Ph.D. qualified instructors.
  • Extensive hands-on face-to-face education experience.


Our majors have been paid to do graduate or postgraduate studies at universities such as Princeton, Oxford, Boston, UCLA Cal-Tech, Penn State and many more. The list of career possibilities range from teaching positions at all levels of education to lab technicians, pharmacists, and everything in between. For a complete list of careers opportunities in the chemical sciences, visit


Students study and research in modern, fully mediated wireless classrooms and laboratory facilities that are equipped with a full range of laboratory instruments. Additionally, the new Gibson Science Center currently under construction will add cutting edge classrooms and laboratory facilities to our program.


  • Chemistry Club
  • Employment in the student run water laboratory
  • Students travel for research, scholarly and educational activities.

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