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A future in the Communication field is wide open with possibility. At Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah, Communication students choose from three tracks, each tailored toward a different area of interest and career goal. Tracks include:

  • Communication Studies, which prepares students to work in human resources, organizational communication, and other such positions.
  • Strategic Communication, which prepares students for a future in advertising or public relations.
  • Media, which builds skills needed for a career in journalism, TV, or radio.

The Communication program at SUU is centered on experiential learning. The university has its own SUTV station, KSUU Thunder 91 radio station, The Journal weekly university newspaper, and the Centurium Consulting Group advertising agency on campus. As early as the freshman and sophomore years, students operate the equipment and gain valuable hands-on experience that will be a huge asset in graduate school or when looking for a first job after college.

Every student in the Communication program also completes an internship and often these lead directly to career opportunities after graduation.

Communication students may also earn a Certificate in speech presentation, if desired. This is excellent preparation for those who are interested in a future career as a political speechwriter or ghostwriter.

By the time students have completed the four-year Communication bachelor’s degree program at Southern Utah University, they are well prepared to gain an entry-level position in the Communication field or enter a graduate program in Communication.

Why Choose SUU for Communication Studies?

  • Eighty-percent of SUU’s Communication professors hold PhDs and most have worked in Communication in a commercial or nonprofit organization. They have the experience to provide excellent and relevant skills training to students.
  • Although Communication is one of the most popular majors on the Southern Utah University campus, professors get to know each student well and work closely with them as they select their courses and make plans for their future.
  • There is also a Communication minor available for students who wish to add a Communication credential to another major.
  • There is also a Communication minor available for students who wish to add a Communication credential to another major.

Career and Salary Potential for Communication Graduates

Communication graduates’ career potential varies depending on the educational track selected. The following are some of the results anticipated for various careers by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Position Median Annual Salary Anticipated Growth Through 2022
Human resources manager $99.720 13 percent
Reporter, correspondent, broadcast news analyst $37,090 -13 percent
Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers $115,750 12 percent
Public relations specialists $54,170 12 percent
Announcers $27,750 2 percent
Ghostwriters $55,940 3 percent

Campus Opportunities for Communication Majors

  • Radio Club
  • SUTV station
  • Lambda Pi Eta National Honor Society

Communication Courses You May Take

  • Thinking and Listening Critically – Undertake a study of the reasoning skills needed to deliver and receive messages so that meaning is accurately conveyed.
  • Social Media – Explore how to strategically use the various social media platforms to best advantage.
  • Writing for Communication – Gain the written communication skills needed for strategic, media, and academic writing platforms.

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