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Criminal Justice Bachelor's Degree Program

Enter a career field rich in options: policing, corrections, law, and more.

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Southern Utah University’s Criminal Justice bachelor’s degree program is an immersion in practical, street-based reality. Unlike many Criminal Justice programs, at SUU you won’t spend weeks reading about theories of Criminal Justice, you’ll gain the kind of practical experience you can actually apply in whatever branch of Criminal Justice you decide to enter.

On the SUU campus in Cedar City, Utah, there is a fully functional mock courtroom, a crime lab, mock crime scenes, and iPads with the actual software police officers use in their investigations of real crimes. The campus even offers training in the programming of drone aircraft for use in accident investigations.

Criminal Justice classes are small and typically include no more than 28 students, which allows you to receive one-on-one mentoring from your professors who are themselves well experienced in real world law enforcement. On our Criminal Justice staff are four lawyers and two police officers, so you can be confident the training you receive will serve you well in your Criminal Justice career.

If law school is your goal, instructors in the Criminal Justice program’s Legal Scholars Program help you prepare to take the L-SAT, the law school admissions test. Students in the program meet law school deans, receive peer mentoring and tutoring if needed, and have even taken trips to the Supreme Court.  

By the time you graduate with your Criminal Justice bachelor’s degree, you will have a clear idea of the area of Criminal Justice you wish to enter and the skills you will need to take the next step in your career, be that into a job or on to graduate school.

Why Choose SUU for Criminal Justice Studies?

  • SUU Criminal Justice students have many opportunities for internships with local, state, and federal police, the courts, probation departments, and corrections.
  • The Criminal Justice program created and maintains a sex offender registration database for the State of Utah that they make available to state law enforcement and probation officers.
  • The Criminal Justice capstone experience consists of researching three situations – one relating to courts, one to policing, and one to corrections – writing a recommendation for a possible action for each, and making three separate presentations of your recommendations to your professors.
  • SUU’s Criminal Justice professors are seasoned professionals with real world experience in the courts, forensic science, corrections, and/or law enforcement.
  • The SUU Criminal Justice program has access to the Utah State Crime Lab and the certified criminologists in that lab.

Career and Salary Potential for Criminal Justice Graduates

Position Anticipated growth in field Median annual salary
Police and detectives 5 percent $56,980
Correctional officers 5 percent $38,970
Lawyers (law school required) 10 percent $113,530

Campus Opportunities for Criminal Justice Majors

  • Criminal Justice Club
  • Criminal Justice Honor Society

Criminal Justice Courses You May Take

Introduction to Forensic Science – Learn the art of scientific evidence collection, identification, and preservation.

Victimology – Gain an understanding of the dilemmas victims face and the role the victim plays in the criminal justice process.

Drugs and Crime – Explore the role legal and illegal drugs play in crime and their impact on the criminal justice process.

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