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Elementary Education Bachelor's Degree Program

Prepare to become a teacher in a  grade 1-6 Utah classroom

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Southern Utah University offers one of the most well-respected Elementary Education bachelor’s degree programs in Utah. School districts throughout the state specifically seek out our graduates for employment because they are known to be well-trained and possess excellent and extensive experience working in the classroom with students prior to graduation. In fact, no other program in Utah requires more classroom experience that the Southern Utah University Elementary Education program. Virtually every class our Elementary Education majors take requires a practicum experience.

Before students start the state-mandated 60-day student teaching experience, they complete a full semester of a block program that is devoted to preparing future teachers for their student teaching experience. As a part of the block program, students are exposed to a wide variety of classroom experiences. They spend time in Salt Lake City schools as well in smaller school districts like Cedar City and rural districts. By the time they complete the block program they are thoroughly prepared to succeed as student teachers.

SUU also participates in a competitive teacher intern program through which students can interview with school districts for a paid six-month to one-year internship that also satisfies the student teaching requirement. Students fortunate enough to be chosen by a school district to intern often move directly into full-time employment.

The reputation of the SUU Elementary Education Program and the outstanding teachers who have graduated from it have resulted in the majority of our graduates finding teaching positions in Utah schools even before graduation day.

Why Choose SUU for Elementary Education Studies?

  • Every faculty member on the Southern Utah University Elementary Education team has experience teaching in the elementary education classroom, is well connected to leaders in the state’s school districts, and holds an outstanding reputation for professional excellence.
  • Elementary Education bachelor’s program students graduate ready to teach grades 1-6. By obtaining secondary licenses, students can also prepare to teach kindergarten or grades 7-8.

  • The average size of SUU’s Elementary Education classes is 20-25 students, which allows our instructors to work closely with each individual student and provide personal advice and mentoring.
  • SUU’s Elementary Education faculty maintains close partnerships with district principals to help our students find teaching positions. We also invite school representatives to campus to meet our students, and our campus has a Career Center to help seniors find teaching jobs. 

Career and Salary Potential for Elementary Education Graduates

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, elementary teachers can anticipate 12 percent career growth through 2022. The median annual salary for elementary teachers is $53,090.

Campus Opportunities for Elementary Education Majors

  • Student Senate
  • Kappa Omicron Nu

Elementary Education Courses You May Take

  • Educating Diverse Populations – Explore demographics, ethnicity, culture, race, and other issues impacting school environments.

  • Planning, Delivery, and Assess – Learn to plan elementary curriculum, deliver instruction effectively, and assess results.

  • Developments in Education  – Stay abreast of the latest thinking and developments in elementary education.

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