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Located within less than a days drive of over 10 national parks and monuments, Southern Utah University is the ideal location to major in geology. SUU’s undergraduate geology program takes advantage of some of the most diverse geology in North America by offering courses in the field that allow for hands-on experience. Students will study nearly 2 billion years of geologic history within a 100 mile radius of campus. These resources provide SUU geology students an opportunity to be involved in a variety of cutting edge research projects, greatly enhancing future career and educational opportunities.

The SUU Geology program trains students for professional, academic, governmental or teaching careers in the Earth Sciences. The geology major is research-oriented with strong lab and field components. SUU offers facilities such as a scanning electron microscope, x-ray analysis facilities, a complete sample laboratory and a state-of-the-art GIS lab to be used for individual research, class work and group projects. The geology program also places great emphasis on experiential learning outside of the courses students take, and often travels for geology exploration and paleontological digs locally and globally. Geology students have traveled and studied all over southern Utah, the deserts of Nevada, lagoons and reefs in the Bahamas and the rift basins of southern Africa, just to name a few. With its diverse geologic setting, small class sizes, and access to a variety of research facilities, SUU offers one of the best undergraduate geology programs in the country.

Why Choose SUU for Geology Studies?

  • High acceptance rate into graduate schools.
  • SUU’s partnership with the surrounding National Parks, mining companies and governmental agencies provides internships and jobs for geology students.
  • Every student in the geology program has an opportunity to perform undergraduate research.
  • Students can study geology while traveling nationally and internationally.

Career and Salary Potential for Geology Graduates

When you graduate from Southern Utah University with a bachelor’s degree in Geology, you will be prepared to enter a career in various geology related jobs.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides the following information about several of these positions:

Position Median Annual Salary Anticipated Career Growth through 2022
Geological and Petroleum Technicians $52,700 15 percent
Geoscientists $90,890 16 percent
Mining and Geological Engineers $84,320 12 percent

Campus Opportunities for Geology Majors

  • SUU Geology Club
  • Sigma Gamma Epsilon (Geology Honors Society)
  • SUU Outdoor Engagement Center
  • College of Science and Engineering Undergraduate Research Symposium

Geology Courses You May Take

  • Paleontology- Learn principles of paleontology including the description and classification of fossils and the uses of paleontological data.
  • Environmental Geology-An introduction to the role and scope of geological processes in light of current environmental issues.
  • Tectonics-A global study of plate tectonics as a unifying solid-earth theory and the analysis of ancient and current plate motions.

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