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History Bachelor's Degree Program

Earn a degree in history to prepare for a broad range of careers

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It is often said that to move confidently into the future, we must understand and learn from the past. At Southern Utah University, there is no better way to learn about the past than to major in history. The history program at SUU not only teaches students about past cultures and societies, but also how to think critically and analytically. A history degree gives students a global perspective that is beneficial for any chosen career path. Accomplished teachers and scholars, all of the history professors have degrees from respected universities and have published various books and articles on diverse historical subjects. The quality and knowledge of SUU history professors allows for a wide variety of course offerings with topics including ancient Greece, the history of sports, modern America, Latin America, Native Americans and Alexander the Great. The history bachelor’s degree also includes research and experiential education components that help students gain real world experience and prepare for exciting careers in various history-related fields.

Why Choose SUU for History Studies?

  • A history degree at SUU offers small class sizes and personalized attention from accomplished scholarly professors.
  • While in college, history majors have job and internship opportunities through many southern Utah museums, public lands agencies and national parks.
  • Students participate in focus weeks, which are short courses that expose them to fascinating research and visiting scholars and leaders who speak on a specific theme or topic in history.

Career and Salary Potential for History Graduates

History majors gain important skills that prepare them for a broad range of career opportunities. Possible jobs include teaching history in elementary or secondary schools, law, government service, library and information science, museums, state and national parks and business. Many students also continue graduate school in history and related fields to become a college professor. According to the bureau of labor statistics, the average salary of a historian is $52,480.

Campus Opportunities for History Majors

  • Phi Alpha Theta, the National History Honors Society
  • Anthropology club
  • Students have many on campus job opportunities relating to history assisting in the university archives and library special collections or the Braithwaite Art Gallery.
  • Students may present research at SUU’s annual academic conference, "Festival of Excellence"

History Courses You May Take

  • Latin American Civilization--Learn about the history of Latin America including the Aztec and other indigenous empires, Spanish and Portuguese imperialism, nation building, and Wars of Independence.
  • History of the American Southwest--Discover the American Southwest from prehistoric times to the present. Review Native American, Spanish, Mexican and American History.
  • History Seminar--Examine history through literature and other humanities. The literature examined concentrates on biographies of major and minor historical and political figures.

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