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Math Education Bachelor’s Degree Program

Prepare to become a math teacher in a grade 7-12 Utah classroom

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Math teachers are in high demand because of the high priority placed on math, science, and technology in today’s society. An understanding of mathematics gives middle and high school students the problem solving skills and training they need to succeed in the workforce. The mathematics education bachelor’s degree program at Southern Utah University is designed for students who wish to wish to teach math at the secondary education level (grades 7-12). When you graduate in math education, you will have completed all of the necessary requirements to be a licensed math teacher in the state of Utah.

As a math education student at Southern Utah University, you can expect small class sizes taught by accomplished professors who have advanced degrees in mathematics or math education. Math education students also receive many opportunities to cultivate their teaching skills through on-campus jobs such as a math tutor, teaching assistant or grader. The math education bachelor’s degree program assures you will have a strong background in math and teaching by combining the math courses associated with the general mathematics major with teaching classes that train you on important curriculum and teaching techniques. Impressively, SUU’s math department has 100% job placement in middle or high school teaching positions and nearly all math education students pass the Praxis Licensure Exam.

Why Choose SUU for Math Education Studies?

  • The math program at SUU boasts a 100% placement rate into middle and high school teaching positions for their graduates.
  • Nearly all math education graduates have successfully passed the Praxis Test required for teaching licensure.
  • The math program at SUU is small, which allows for a personalized education for students seeking one-on-one help and mentorship from qualified professors.
  • All math education majors will have opportunities to observe and teach in middle and high school classrooms, as well as gain valuable experience as a teaching assistant, tutor or grader.

Career and Salary Potential for Math Education Graduates

An undergraduate degree in math education almost always leads to a career as a math teacher in a middle school or high school. Other math education graduates could have jobs as elementary school teachers, researchers, or go on to pursue a graduate degree and return to work at an undergraduate college or university. According the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school teachers earn an average salary of $55,050 and middle school teachers make an average salary of $53,430.

Campus Opportunities for Math Education Majors

  • Math Club
  • Many student jobs are available specifically for math or math education majors at SUU, including teaching assistant, grader or tutor.
  • As a result of smaller class sizes available at SUU, math faculty and students work closely to conduct undergraduate research, publish academic papers or present at professional conferences.
  • The Community Engagement Center provides opportunities for math education majors to tutor or work with kids in Cedar City elementary and secondary schools.

Math Education Courses You May Take

  • Methods of Teaching Secondary School Math - learn critical teaching strategies, technology, assessment, classroom activities, and the Utah Mathematics Core Standards.
  • Linear Algebra - understand and apply systems of linear equations, matrices and matrix inverses, and linear transformations.
  • Calculus I - learn to apply the ideas and techniques of calculus to algebraic, trigonometric, and logarithmic functions.

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Math Education Bachelor Degree Requirements

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Seth Armstrong, Mathematics Department Chair
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