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Nursing - Pre-Licensure Bachelor's Degree Program

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Southern Utah University’s Nursing Pre-Licensure bachelor’s degree program is an intensive four-year education that thoroughly prepares you to pass the NCLEX-RN national licensing test for RNs. In 2014, SUU’s Nursing Pre-Licensure program graduates achieved an outstanding 97.3 percent pass rate compared to the statewide (Utah) pass rate of 88.9 percent and the nationwide pass rate of 81.9 percent.

During your first two years at SUU, you will complete the preliminary requirements for your Bachelor of Science degree. Your final two years will include specific nursing coursework along with clinical experiences each of the four semesters.

SUU’s Nursing Pre-Licensure degree program is excellent preparation for the challenging role of a professional nurse in a diverse range of medical settings.

The first semester of your junior year you will complete clinical experiences working alongside professional nurses in veterans’ homes, dialysis centers, home-health settings, and other such locations. The next semester will include clinicals in medical surgical units, wound clinics, and behavioral medicine settings. During your final year in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, your clinicals will include working in community health settings serving pediatric, family health, newborn, and geriatric patients. The final semester of your nursing training will place you in high acuity settings, such as the ICU.

By the time you graduate from SUU’s demanding but highly rewarding Pre-Licensure Nursing Bachelor’s program, you will have a clear idea of the type of nursing position you hope to secure and the ability to confidently assume the role of a practicing RN in that setting. 

Why Choose SUU for Nursing Pre-Licensure Studies?

  • Every instructor in the SUU Nursing Pre-Licensure bachelor’s degree program is an actively practicing nurse.
  • The capstone experience in the Nursing Pre-Licensure program requires you to work one on one with a nurse preceptor on a medical surgical floor for 11 shifts and create a professional portfolio.

  • One-hundred percent of our Nursing Pre-Licensure program graduates find employment in the nursing field within two months of graduation.
  • The Nursing Pre-Licensure program is small – only 30 students can be admitted per semester – so you receive lots of individual attention and mentoring.

Career and Salary Potential for Nursing Pre-Licensure Graduates

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that nurses with a bachelor’s degree are in high demand in health care settings. Career openings for RNs are expected to increase by 19 percent through 2022 and the median annual salary for licensed RNs is $65,470.

Campus Opportunities for Nursing Majors

Student Nurses Association

Nursing Courses You May Take

  • Introduction to Health Assessment  – Learn to interview patients to assess their physical needs and health condition.

  • Fundamentals of Nursing Practice – Understand the basic communication and problem-solving skills needed in nursing.

  • Care of the Family – Explore the health care needs of a family during childbearing and childrearing years.

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Program Contact: Vikki Robertson
Phone: 435-586-1906

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