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A minor in Physics at SUU provides you with the background to succeed in a variety of disciplines, from geology to chemistry and mathematics to engineering. For those looking towards graduate work in the health sciences, students who study physics get the second-highest scores on the MCAT (second only to biomedical engineering), as well as benefiting from the honing of critical thinking skills that the study of physics requires.


  • We provide science preparation for all pre-professional careers.
  • Our teaching faculty include a theoretical astrophysicist; an experimental and observational astronomer/physicist; and a broadly trained experimental physicists.
  • Through the Ashcroft Observatory, students have opportunities to work in community education programs and as astronomy lab assistants.
  • Students have individual opportunities to conduct undergraduate research with faculty.


Students who earn a bachelor’s degree in physics may find employment in fields related to software development, engineering and technical management, as well as allowing for the possibility of post-graduate work and teaching.


SUU’s Ashcroft Observatory is available for student use as an astronomy lab. A digital SLR is available for imaging projects.

Faculty provide public outreach programs available to students in astronomy at state and national parks.


  • Student-assisted faculty research projects
  • Service-learning opportunities for SUU students to teach mini-lessons in public schools, private schools, retirement centers, etc.
  • Physics Video Night - an annual student competition for Top Ten status

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