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Southern Utah University’s Psychology bachelor’s degree program explores the fascinating science of behavior and mental processes. Students may choose a research-focused course of study or the clinical/counseling focused option. A research focused major can lead to the more scientific aspects of a career in Psychology. A clinical/counseling focus to the major is more in line with a future in counseling or human services. In addition, by taking the courses for a human services specialization, students can earn a social work license, which opens doors in the human services field for Psychology majors.

Psychology professors are deeply involved in helping students choose courses that support their career goals and form strong mentoring relationships with students in classes that typically average just 20-30 students. All Psychology professors are heavily involved in research and give students many opportunities to take an active role in their research undertakings, including presenting research findings at professional conferences.

Internships are another great strength of the SUU Psychology bachelor’s program. Although internships are not required, the department has a dedicated internship coordinator who helps interested students find the ideal opportunity to support their long-term career objectives. The Psychology department maintains strong relationships with organizations throughout Cedar City and the southern Utah region, and at any given time there are as many as 100 internships available.

By the time you complete this highly experiential Psychology bachelor’s degree program you will be well prepared to take the next step in your future, be that into the workplace or on to graduate school.

Why Choose SUU for Psychology Studies?

  • The Psychology faculty at SUU represent a broad range of psychological specialties including environmental psychology, clinical counseling psychology, developmental psychology with an emphasis on fatherhood, social psychology, educational psychology, and physiological biological psychology.
  • Eighty-two percent of SUU Psychology graduates were accepted into the graduate school of their choice. Seventy-one percent of Psychology bachelor’s graduates were able to put their degree to use in a Psychology-related job.
  • For 15 years the Psychology department has received grants funding to work with the national parks studying the psychological effects of sound and noise on the environment. Psychology students have been deeply involved in this research from the start.
  • Psychology majors at Southern Utah University complete a capstone experience in one of four areas:
    • Applied Project – Complete a hands-on experience in a human services organization or counseling clinic
    • Literature Review – Select an area of psychological interest and review the full scope of literature for that area
    • History and Systems in Psychology – Complete a project and report about an eminent psychologist
    • Independent Research Project – Design a research project, collect and analyze data, and present your report at a professional Psychology conference
  • Students have many opportunities to participate in professional Psychology conferences where they present their research to other students and professionals in the field.

Career and Salary Potential for Psychology Graduates

Nearly half of all Psychology majors are employed in business and industry, primarily in human resources, management, and sales. Many have jobs in social services with both government and nonprofit agencies.

Those who go on to complete a master’s degree may find employment as a counselor, school psychologist, social worker, or other such position.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Psychology graduates can anticipate the following careers to have these prospects through 2022:

Position Anticipated Growth Median annual salary
Human Resources Manager 13 percent $99,720
Substance Abuse Counselor 31 percent $38,520
Psychiatric Technician or Aide 5 percent $27,440
Manufacturing Sales Representative 9 percent $57,870

Campus Opportunities for Psychology Majors

  • Psychology Club
  • International Psi Chi Honor Society

Psychology Courses You May Take

Psychology of Culture – Gain an appreciation for the intricacies of cross-cultural research and how it is used.

Research Design – Understand the key issues involved in the design and interpretation of psychological research.

Abnormal Psychology  – Explore behaviors typically classified as abnormal and treatment strategies typically employed to treat patients with these behaviors today.

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