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Spanish Education Bachelor’s Degree Program

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Teaching middle school or high school students the Spanish language equips them with the skills they need to contribute in today’s global marketplace. The Spanish education program at Southern Utah University is designed for college students who have a strong desire to teach Spanish at the secondary education level. When graduating with your bachelor’s degree in Spanish education, you will have completed all the requirements to be licensed to teach Spanish in the state of Utah.

As a Spanish Education student at Southern Utah University, you will receive a broad range of knowledge regarding the Spanish language, history, and culture taught in small classes by highly trained professors. There are also specific education courses that will prepare you to teach Spanish in a classroom setting. Every Spanish education major is required to spend a considerable amount of time observing in a secondary level classroom before they complete their student teaching prior to graduation. This observation time and student teaching will allow you to perfect your teaching and Spanish abilities and significantly help you in finding a job after college.

Why Choose SUU for Spanish Education Studies?

  • On and off campus job opportunities to tutor Spanish
  • Learn more than the Spanish language, but Spanish culture and history from PhD professors
  • Many opportunities to observe middle and high school Spanish classrooms and teach other students, providing excellent preparation for post-graduation jobs.

Career and Salary Potential for Spanish Education Graduates

A Utah secondary education license will allow you to teach Spanish in grades 7-12 and all Spanish education majors go on to teach at either middle school or high school. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school Spanish teachers make an average salary of $55,050 per year.

Campus Opportunities for Spanish Education Majors

  • Sigma Delta Pi, the National Spanish Honors Society
  • Spanish Club
  • Latinos in Action Club
  • Community Engagement Center
  • Undergraduate Spanish education majors often receive jobs on campus and in the community as Spanish tutors.

Spanish Education Courses You May Take

  • Methods of Teaching Foreign Language - Prepare to teach Spanish by learning contemporary teaching methods and creating, presenting and critiquing learning activities.
  • Culture and History of Spain - gain a knowledge of the historical and cultural development of Spain by studying Spanish literature.
  • Introduction to Spanish Linguistics - an introduction to the nature and study of language by focusing on sounds, words and sentences through analysis of data from the Spanish language.

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Spanish Education Bachelor Degree Requirements

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