International Bios


PhilippeHometown: La Rochelle, Cameroon
Major: Finance

"I chose to study in the United States because of the superior education system. Receiving my degree from a U.S. university will make me more competitive throughout the world in obtaining employment. The United States is a place of great opportunities and it offers me many options for my future and for my career."

"At Southern Utah University, it is just amazing to see how the staff, faculty, as well as advisors bond with the students. They are so friendly, helpful, and caring in all aspects of the student's education. This relationship takes away a lot of the stress and frustration that presents itself to all students, not just international students."

"Two of my favorite activities at SUU are the International Food Fair and basketball season. I
also like meeting with the other students between classes to just visit.

"Studying in the United States has been a great experience in my life. I have leaned more since arriving at Southern Utah University than I have at any other time in my life, not only in the classroom but also in my social life. Because of this experience, I am more open to people, see life differently, and have a much better perspective in human relationships."

"Receiving my degree from Southern Utah University in the United States will open many more doors of employment opportunities especially when I return to my country. I will be able to have a much better job and a much better life as well. I will have more respect and be more valued in my country because of the education I have received in the United States."

"I would and will encourage other students that I come in contact with, if at all possible, to attend Southern Utah University to further their education. It is not only a great school with a loving and encouraging staff, but Cedar City, Utah, is a beautiful, peaceful, and safe place to live. It is a diversified campus and city where students can get acquainted easily and share the beauties of their cultures. It is the Rising Future."