International Bios


SakiHometown: Nishinomiya-Shi, Japan
Highest degree earned: Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education

"I believe SUU has the best educational environment in the country. My professors weren't just teachers or educators. They were my life models who provided high education and motivated students to become better people as a whole. I love SUU and this place is my home forever."

After graduating from SUU, Saki interned at The John F. Kennedy Center in Washington DC
to expand her experiences. Her duties included assisting in the programming, developing,
implementing and marketing of special events, educational publications and performance
discussions and demonstrations with creators and artists. Saki is now working in Washington DC for the Washington Ballet at the Town Hall Education Arts and Recreation Center (THEARC ) as a dance instructor.

What were your initial thoughts when you arrived in the United States?

"When I first got to America, I didn't know what to do or who to ask. I met a friendly Cedar
City family on the air plane and they took me to dinner and offered me a ride to my destination. They are my American family and make me comfortable and relaxed. I was surprised with Cedar City's friendly atmosphere."

Can you describe the classroom environment?

"Small class sizes at SUU helped me to be active in the classroom. I felt comfortable because my professors knew me."

What did you enjoy most about student life at your school?

"Being involved in it! I loved being part of Student Government as an Arts & Entertainment
Delegate because my peers were highly motivated and working with them was absolutely
stimulating. As a president of Orchesis Dance Company, I lead company members,
choreographed a piece, and acted as artistic director. These incredible experiences have been useful in my career."

How did studying in the United States change you?

"My four years at SUU were significant in my life. The experience gave me time and
opportunities to figure out what I wanted to do. I had many interests when I came to SUU.
General classes were important for me to ultimately determine what I truly love. Also, studying abroad made me realize how proud I am of myself and my country."

What was the faculty, staff, and advisors like at your school?

"My professors weren't just teachers or educators. They were my life models who provided high education and motivated students to become better people as a whole."

Do you have any advice for future students thinking about studying in the United States?

"Making friends was the key to the success of my college life. Even though I couldn't speak
English well, I didn't hesitate to talk to people. I went to all the school activities to make friends and they made my college life meaningful."

Why did you choose your school?

"My English teacher's sister was an SUU graduate and she suggested I attend. I didn't apply
anywhere else."

How do you think your education in the United States has helped you in life?

"Coming to study in the United States by myself made me more independent. Doing everything on your own makes you physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally stronger. It also made me appreciate my family a lot more."