International Bios

Wira Samsuddin

WiraHometown: Alor Star, Malaysia
Highest degree earned: Master of Science in Forensic Science

Why did you choose the United States for your education?

"I chose the United States for my education because my country did not have Computer
Forensics courses available during the time that I decided to further my study. Other than that, from the source that I trusted, USA is one of the best countries to go if you need to get more hands on experience in the Computer Science or Computer Forensics field."

Why did you choose SUU?

"I chose SUU for three reasons. First, SUU was the first university to offer me an opportunity
to pursue my master's degree. Second, I was really touched with how the Admissions Officer (Trudy Smith) handled my admission process to SUU. Third, SUU is among the few universities (during the time that I applied for my master degree) to offer Master of Science in Forensic Science (Forensics Computing)."

How has studying in the United States changed you?

"Although I study in the USA, I know a lot of international friends and lecturers. For example, I have friends or lecturers from France, Ghana, Mexico, India, Germany, China, Palestine etc. This is good exposure and experience for me. In fact, I can speak French now and I'm looking forward to study other international languages if I have the opportunity to return back doing my PhD in the USA."

What was your biggest challenge in coming to the United States?

"One of my biggest challenges in coming to the United States was to obtain a scholarship. I had to attend an interview and to fight with 300 other candidates from all over Malaysia in order to get selected and awarded with a scholarship for my study. Additionally, I had to attend and to pass the English Language test in order to qualify me to study in the United States."

How has living in the United States changed your impression of Americans?

"The Americans are beyond my expectations. Before I came here (USA), people told me that
American people do not like Muslim people since 9/11. However, when I came here, all of the talks are contradictory. Not only I am accepted (because I am a Muslim), but I also have a lot of good American friends. In fact, it feels like living with my own family here."