International Bios

Xu JiaLu

Xu Jialu

Hometown: Kunming, China
Major: Bachelor of Accountancy 2013

My name is Jialu Xu. I am an Accounting student at SUU. During my time at Southern Utah University, I have learned and experienced a lot. I think the small class style is really helpful, usually no more than 30 students in one class. It gives us more opportunities to speak English and communicate with domestic students and professors. At SUU, we also had the chance to see how the knowledge we haven been taught is used in real life. More over, we have varied social activities for international students to get involved. Life at SUU is more fantastic than you can imaging. come join us, you will never regret.
Jialu Xu, Yunnan

亲自授 课 。 这样 每 个学生都 得到了很 好的锻 炼,而且有开口说话的机会。与此同时,我们也会有很
地学生的交流。这里还有很多你意想不到的精彩。如果你们也想收获这份精彩,就到SU U来吧。SUU绝对是一个不

徐嘉璐, 云南