Quest Leadership Conferences

Service Project Challenge 2014

The service project challenge is a way for your school to contribute to a great cause, build school spirit and compete at the Quest Leadership Conference. 

What: Start collecting items that are included in Humanitarian Hygiene kits.

Items to collect: soap, shampoo, cream rinse (conditioner), hair products, contact lens supplies, razors (new blades), shaving cream, toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, mouth wash, mirror (hand), wet wipes, hair brush, hair combs, nail file, nail clippers, cotton swabs, tweezers, toilet paper, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, adhesive bandages, washcloths

When: Collect items from now until you attend the Quest Leadership Conference. Bring all your items to the conference that your group will be attending.

How:You can make it a competition between grades at your school. You can offer incentives for those who turn in items. You can ask local hotels and motels if they can donate some of their travel-sized items to your group. There are many more ways you can collect items - any way you collect them counts (except stealing).

Why: Serving the larger community around us is an important piece to being a leader. We want to provide an opportunity for all those attending Quest to participate in providing service by donating Humanitarian Hygiene kits items.

What you win: For the school that donates the most items, you will win a root beer float party at Quest. The overall winner from the three Quest Leadership Conferences will get the coveted Quest Plaque with your school’s name engraved on it. You will get to keep this plaque for the entire year to showcase at your school.

And the winner is..... 

Hurricane High School!

Hurricane HS