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  • AAAE Association of Arts Administration Educators
    The Association of Arts Administration Educators represents higher-education, accredited, credit-bearing programs in arts and cultural management, policy, and research. Through their membership, AAAE members show a commitment to continual improvement, and connection to the rapidly advancing arts and cultural industries.
  • UCA Utah Cultural Alliance
    The Utah Cultural Alliance is dedicated to: advancing grassroots involvement in public policy; fostering a sense of community through cultural events;  nurturing collaboration between cultural organizations, government, private business, and individuals; developing a dynamic cultural environment by drawing from the richness of the past, the vitality of the present, and the promise of the future; and supporting both cultural creativity and preservation.
  • UMA Utah Museums Association
    The Utah Museums Association is committed to building the capacity of all Utah museums to serve their communities. We serve museums of all sizes and disciplines throughout Utah. Our mission is to provide professional development and networking opportunities to build the capacity of Utah's museums; connect museums to professional resources and best practice; and serve as an advocate for Utah museums.
  • WMA Western Museums Association
    The Western Museums Association provides opportunities for learning and personal interaction to enhance the creative skills and enrich the lives of individuals who do museum work.

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