Center for Shakespeare Studies

ThunderBard 2012

OVER 500 FRESHMEN AND MEMBERS OF THE SUU COMMUNITY ATTENDED the Monday, October 8th 2 p.m. performance of Hamlet at the Utah Shakespeare Festival's Randall L. Jones Theatre.

Several hundred more attended the Monday, September 24th 2 p.m. performance.

The ThunderBard Project and the Convocation Lecture Series were pleased to present on Friday, September 21st Ambassador Kenneth L. Adelman on "The Mysteries of Hamlet."

Workshops to assist students with reading the play and to help make those readings more enriching and enjoyable were held each day Monday through Friday from the beginning of September, until a few days following the second of two ThunderBard performances.

Drop-In Sessions provided an opportunity for students to come together informally to discuss their readings of the play and viewings of the production. 

Workshop Information:

Each of Workshops One, Two and Three were held multiple times. All workshop sessions lasted approximately one hour and were hosted by SUU Director of Shakespeare Studies, Don Weingust.

Workshop One: Examined the first scene and act of Hamlet.
Workshop Two: Worked through the second and third acts of the play.
Workshop Three: Finished examination of the play with acts four and five.

ThunderBard Workshops

All workshops/sessions were held in the Sharwan Smith Center: the Starlight Room, on the second floor, above the Rotunda; the Cedar Breaks Room and the Brian Head Room in the first-floor Convention Center, just north of the Rotunda.