Southern Utah Museum of Art

Educational Programming

Educational Vision

Students Creating Artwork

The educational vision of SUMA is to become the first nationally accredited art museum staffed by graduate and undergraduate students in a shared research, learning and applied environment mentored by the faculty, administration and staff of SUU as well as community volunteers.

SUMA will be designed to serve as a model laboratory for collections and exhibition research, educational programming, public school outreach and empirical evaluation of the visitor experience.

An existing Master of Fine Arts degree in Arts Administration develops well-rounded professional arts administrators. SUMA will provide these students with the day-to-day practical experience managing staff, programs and facilities. These emerging administrators will earn a graduate degree and a verifiable arts management resume.

An undergraduate minor in museum studies provides hands-on experience in registration methods, collections care, conduction educational programs, exhibit design and installation. These students will earn a relevant degree and a resume built on solid knowledge-based museum skills.

SUU students will have an opportunity to develop and implement creative and innovative outreach programs that will enhance the arts education experiences of thousands of K-12 student from throughout the region.

The classroom at SUMA will be dedicated, per the appropriate mandate of College of Performing & Visual Arts Dean Shauna Mendini, to educational programs in service to the museum, its mission and activities


Educational programs for volunteers and docents at SUMA will include general trainings for volunteers who wish to help run SUMA and specialized trainings, specific to each exhibition, for docents to lead guided tours. The first training begins in February, 2016.

For adult art education, SUMA will begin to offer in 2017 numerous programs, including "Art Appreciation," "Connoisseurship," and the "Arts Alive! Lunch Bunch." These programs will be offered within the master schedule framework, either over the lunch hour or during late afternoons from 4:00pm-6:00pm.


There will be special programs for K-5 children, including a "family night" on Mondays.

Continuing the practice initiated by the Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery, there will be school tours for K-12 students for special exhibits. These tours will take place during the academic year from 9:30-11:30 on mornings when the museum is open, and we will continue to partner with the Garth & Jerri Frehner Museum of Natural History on campus so that visitors have a one-hour museum experience at each site for a total of two hours. MFA and undergraduate students in art education, art history, museum studies, and other areas will lead these tours and provide hands-on activities that correlate to the exhibitions