Southern Utah Museum of Art

Education Programming

K-12 Education

SUMA is continuing its partnership with SUU's Garth & Jerri Frehner Museum of Natural History for the 2016-2017 K-12 Education Program.

Program:        Preservation

Cost:              Free

Days:             Tuesday - Friday

Time:              9:30 - 11:30 am

The topic for this year's education program is preservation. Students will spend one hour at each museum, learning what preservation is and discussing ways to protect their personal collections at home. As students move between the two spaces, they will draw connections between the arts and sciences, concentrating on the ways both art and science preserve objects, ideas, and memories. 

Garth & Jerri Frehner Museum of Natural History

Students will journey through Utah's ecosystems during their tour of the Frehner Museum. Using local National Parks as examples, students will learn about how ecosystems can both function and fail. The fundamental concepts of science will be taught through hands-on activities.

Southern Utah Museum of Art

While visiting SUMA, students have the opportunity to not only view the art on display, but also gain an in-depth understanding on how museums work. After exploring the exhibits, students will participate in a creative activity in the SUMA classroom where they craft their own museum-in-a-box and preserve what is important to them.

Education Program Lesson Plans

Pre-Tour Lesson Plans

Each lesson plan lists the concepts that will be discussed during the SUMA portion of the tour, and explains the Utah Core Standards that will be covered through the lesson's activities.

Grades K-2 Education Lesson Plan

Grades 3-5 Education Lesson Plan

Grades 6-12 Education Lesson Plan

Post-Tour Lesson Plans

Each lesson plan contains suggested follow-up activities and/or lessons that teachers may use in their classrooms to support the material students learned while visiting SUMA.

Grades K-2 Education Tour Follow-Up Lesson Plan

Grades 3-5 Education Tour Follow-Up Lesson Plan

Grades 6-12 Education Tour Follow-Up Lesson Plan

Education Tour Registration Instructions

Register for an Education Tour on SUMA's Appointment Calendar. Be sure to fill out the required information in the Description box so we may contact you about the education tour. If this information is not completed at registration, the tour time will be made available for another teacher.

Only one class may attend in a tour slot. If you would like to attend with another teacher, one teacher will sign up for Education Tour 1 and the second will sign up for Education Tour 2.

Please contact for more information about the education program.

Educational Vision

The educational vision of SUMA is to be the first nationally accredited art museum staffed by graduate and undergraduate students in a shared research, learning and applied environment mentored by the faculty, administration and staff of SUU and community volunteers. SUU students will have an opportunity to develop and implement creative and innovative outreach programs that will enhance the arts education experiences of thousands of K-12 student from throughout the region.

SUMA is designed to serve as a model laboratory for collections and exhibition research, educational programming, public school outreach and empirical evaluation of the visitor experience. The SUMA classroom is dedicated to educational programs in service to the museum, its mission and activities.