Southern Utah Museum of Art

K-12 Programs

Interested in bringing your students to the museum during the 2019-20 school year? Watch our website for more information to be added soon, or send us an email at today! 

SUMA is designed to serve as a model laboratory for collections and exhibition research, educational programming, public school outreach and empirical evaluation of the visitor experience. The SUMA classroom is dedicated to educational programs in service to the museum, its mission and activities.

Two tour options are available:

Art & Science Museum Tour:

While visiting Southern Utah University, students will find similarities between art and science as they investigate exhibits in both campus museums. At the Frehner Museum of Natural History, students will learn about the national park system, public lands, and the animals and plants that live in these environment. After discussing the elements of art and design at SUMA, students will draw upon what they
have learned by creating their own works of art. (Ideal for Grades K-5)

Museum Practices Tour:

Students will visit both the Frehner Museum of Natural History and the Southern Utah Museum of Art where they will engage in behind-the-scenes tours of both museum spaces. This tour showcases the positions and tools needed to run an efficient museum. After visiting both museums, students will work together in groups to design their own mini museums, create mission statements, and curate a unique exhibit based on their museum design. (Ideal for Grades 6-12)

SUMA is an educational museum. As part of an artist's learning, they study the human figure to learn how to best represent the human form in two- and three- dimensional art. Exhibitions in our museum may contain representations of the nude human figure, so we encourage concerned educators to preview the exhibition or contact with any questions or concerns regarding what will be displayed in the gallery during your tour.

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Need assistance with transportation?

Please contact us if interested in receiving support to cover your costs of travel to the museum.