Transgender Resource Guide

The information provided by Southern Utah University on this website and the various external links contained is for general educational/informational purposes only, and is not intended to substitute for the advice of legal, medical, or financial professionals. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

Manual Student Changes

Canvas: Students are able to change their preferred name and pronouns as they please on Canvas.

SUU Profile: The mySUU profile allows students to set their preferred pronouns, which will show up on their profile and directory.

Requested Services SUU

Preferred Name Form: The Registrar’s Office provides a preferred first name change form that students can fill out and turn in. This will update their preferred name across SUU’s system.

Where this applies:

  • mySUU Portal
  • SUU Directory
  • Class Rosters
  • Canvas (if not already changed manually)
  • Any future T-cards the student may request

Where this does not apply:

  • Official Transcripts
  • Financial Aid
  • Cashier
  • Employee Dashboard
  • Other Legally Required Areas

"What about my SUU email?"

Students can contact Karson Rasmussen in IT ( to change their SUU email/username. SUU has to keep a legal record of the student, so they are unfortunately unable to change it to a preferred name unless it is the student’s legal name. However, they are able to change it to their first legal initial and last name (i.e. “Example Student” could be shown as “”).

Legal Changes

If a student has gone through a legal name / gender change, they may fill out a Personal Information Change form. They are required to provide an updated photo ID and the official court order. This standard applies to all legal information changes, including middle/last name, permanent address, and citizenship/permanent resident status.

Online Resources

Health Info/Healthcare

Genderbands - Grants and Funding for Gender-affirming surgery

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Transgender Health

University of Utah Transgender Health Program

Transgender Care Listing - search transgender health services, filter by service, state, or keyword

Transgender Healthcare/Insurance Information -

Know Your Rights - Trans Healthcare

TransHealthCare - search directory for gender-affirming surgeries

Other Information

Know Your Rights - Trans and Gender Nonconforming Students

Planned Parenthood - Transgender and Nonbinary Identities

National Center for Transgender Equality

Information on Legal Name Change in Utah

Map of Health Insurance Discrimination Laws By State

Financial Assistance

Trans Lifeline Microgrants - small grants awarded to cover costs for legal name/gender changes

Genderbands Surgery/Transition Grants


Cedar City, UT: Family Healthcare - Karen Whittemore, Family Nurse Practitioner: provides hormone replacement therapy, requires visits with Family Healthcare’s therapist beforehand. Phone: 435-986-2565 (works both during and after hours).

Holladay, UT: Rebirth Health Center - provides hormone replacement therapy, gender-affirming surgery, puberty blockers, hysterectomy, and other transgender-friendly services. Phone: 801-272-3909

Salt Lake City, UT: University of Utah Transgender Health Services - provides hormone replacement therapy, voice therapy, mental health resources, surgery, contraception, and transgender-friendly general medical services. Email: Phone: 801-581-2000

Planned Parenthood Transgender Hormone Therapy - services currently unavailable at clinics in Utah.

Las Vegas, NV: Vegas Plastic Surgery Institute - provides gender-affirming surgery, leaning more towards MTF but still offering options for FTM and nonbinary patients.

Las Vegas, NV: HEALOR - provides hormone replacement therapy, requires consultation with one of their primary care doctors.