Help Recruit a Future T-Bird

Conversation Tips

As an alumnus of Southern Utah University, you have a unique perspective on what it means to be a T-Bird, and your experiences are a powerful tool in recruiting future students. We ask for your help in spreading the good word about SUU to our next freshman class.

Brandon Wright, executive director of admissions and recruitment explains the need for alumni involvement, “I can only reach so many people with the number of staff that I have. But we have alumni — 44,000 of them — who are everywhere. Even if just one percent of our alumni join in to help out, that’s 440 more voices spreading the word about SUU.”

There is great power in a voice that is willing to speak up, and your alma mater needs the voice of its alumni—your voice—to help bring new Thunderbirds into the fold. Our plea is simple: please, start talking about SUU and share your college experiences with a prospective student:

Consider sharing the following:

  • Favorite class(es) and professors
  • Things you learned at SUU that you still remember and use today
  • How SUU experiences prepared you for life after college
  • Leadership and involvement opportunities and how they shaped you
  • Favorite campus places and activities
  • And last but not least, new and lasting friendships you created

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Tips for starting a conversation with a future T-Bird

Alumni, faculty and staff welcoming new students to campus during the annual Carter Carillon Tradition