Service-Learning & Civic Engagement


Faculty Service-Learning Committee
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Registrar’s Conference Room, 12 PM

Meeting was called to order by Earl Mulderink at 12:03 PM. In attendance: Lisa Assante (BUS), Steve Barney (HSS), Kelsey Bills (Student), Pam Branin (CSD), Briget Eastep (EDU), Scott Hansen (CIET), Jeff Hanson (PVA), Terri Hildebrand (SCI). Excused: Neal Cox (Student Services), Matt Nickerson (LIB & Honors Program), Karl Stevens (SCPS).

Welcome and Introductions
Earl welcomed continuing and new committee members and asked everyone to provide a brief introduction.

Chair Earl distributed a list of committee members and discussed the charge of the committee. He shared a copy of the Annual Report for 2006-2007 and materials related to the Utah Campus Compact, including a report about the UCC organizational retreat held on campus, June 25-27, 2007. Earl and Pam updated committee members on changes within the UCC and mentioned events planned for this year, most of them in Salt Lake City. In addition, Earl shared an article from The Spectrum about Kiersten Gray, an SUU student and Miss Iron County who has embraced “service learning” as her platform.

Several additional reports followed. Pam Branin reported on “Make a Difference Day” scheduled for October 27, 2007, and also mentioned a forthcoming Convocation presentation by Judge Valdez. Also, we discussed the incorporation of service-learning components in the UNIV 1000 course, overseen by Jill Wilks, in Fall 2007. Briget Eastep reported that she and others are creating inter-governmental internship and service-learning opportunities among land agencies in the area.

New Business
A. Civic Engagement Budget for 2007-2008
Earl distributed a brief outline of the proposed budget for this year and asked for suggestions. Specifically, he pointed out that funds for travel and faculty development should be used this year.

B. 2008 Service-Learning Fellows Program
The program was reviewed and no major changes are planned for this year except to update forms as needed. Everyone seemed to agree that last year’s application, selection criteria, and evaluation process all worked well. It is anticipated that our committee will fund and choose five Fellows in 2008, with each receiving an honorarium of $750 (in the form of an overload payment).

C. Service-Learning Course Designation Criteria
Potential policies and criteria were discussed with the understanding that this will be an action item at our next meeting. Once approved, our policy presumably will need to be reviewed by the Deans’ Council and the Registrar. Earl reiterated that this is our committee’s number one priority this year, an important step toward becoming a more “engaged campus.”

D. Setting Priorities for 2007-2008
Earl distributed a short list of priorities for discussion. Scott suggested that we find more effective ways to engage in marketing and public relations. Others added that we could raise campus awareness of service-learning through public displays and exhibits. There was agreement that the designation of service-learning courses will help to publicize our efforts. Others suggested closer work with SUU’s Development Office in seeking outside funds. Also, we should find ways for faculty to disseminate their scholarly work through conferences and publications.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:55 PM.