Service-Learning & Civic Engagement


Faculty Service-Learning Committee
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Registrar’s Conference Room, 12 PM

Call to Order
Meeting was called to order by Earl Mulderink at 12:15 PM. In attendance: Steve Barney (HSS), Pam Branin (CSD), Briget Eastep (EDU), Matt Nickerson (LIB & Honors Program), Karl Stevens (SCPS). Excused: Lisa Assante (BUS), Kelsey Bills (Student), Scott Hansen (CIET), Jeff Hanson (PVA), Terri Hildebrand (SCI).

Approval of Minutes
Minutes of meetings for November 14, 2007, were accepted.

With an array of colorful handouts, Chair Earl Mulderink informed committee members of news and events:

  1. The Service-Learning Course Designation Policy was approved by the Deans’ Council and posted to the SL&CE web site. Earl thanked committee members for their assistance, and all agreed that this is a major step forward toward becoming a more “engaged campus.”
  2. Copies of proposed inserts and additions to the SUU Catalog were circulated. These statements included alterations to information found in Chapter 1 and Chapter 13, along with new materials on Service-Learning Course Designation and the Undergraduate Service Learning Scholar Program.
  3. Handouts that showed updates to the SL&CE web site were distributed that included News, a link regarding Risk Management (from the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse), and conference calls for papers.
  4. Utah Campus Compact materials were shared, including a copy of The Connector and a call for scholarly articles.
  5. An article was distributed entitled “Motivating Faculty to Engage in Service-Learning” from The Department Chair.
  6. Earl and Pam discussed their recent meeting with Donna Eddleman, Vice-President of Student Services. Issues included office space, Freshman Orientation, and UNIV 1000.

New Business
A. Service-Learning Scholar Program
Pam Branin led a discussion that included distribution of a succinct approval form for senior capstone projects. She also referred to the Lowell Bennion Center at the University of Utah and their superb brochure that outlines their programs. Pam plans to investigate similar publications for our campus, possibly with funding support from the VPSS. We also discussed the possibility of creating a larger online data base of service-learning courses and resources. Ideas included provisions for SQL’s and electronic signatures.

B. 2120 Service-Learning Course Designation
Earl shared copies of the policies and online forms for our new university process for designating service-learning courses. He also raised the possibility of adding a UNIV 2120 course to the curriculum, and possibly an upper-level version, such as SCI 4120. Key questions remain about these types of courses, such as who will claim responsibility for overseeing these classes and who will claim FTE credits?

C. Advisory Board Suggestions
No discussion due to limited time and attendance.

D. Travel and Conference Participation
Earl reported that SUU will be able to bring up to a dozen participants for the UCC-sponsored Engaged Scholar Retreat, hosted by Dixie State College, on February 8 and 9, 2008. He urged committee members to attend if possible.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:56 PM with plans to meet again in January 2008.