Service-Learning & Civic Engagement


Faculty Service-Learning Committee
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Registrar’s Conference Room, 12 Noon

I. Call to Order
Earl Mulderink called the meeting to order at 12:06 PM. In attendance Lisa Assante (BUS), Steve Barney (HSS), Briget Eastep (EDU), Scott Hansen (CIET), Lacie Jo Robinson (Student), Karl Stevens (SCPS), and Cindy Wright (SCI). Excused: Pam Branin (CSD), Jeff Hanson (PVA), Matt Nickerson (Honors and Library). Special Guest: Boyd Fife (CIET).

II. Approval of Minutes
Minutes for the meeting of December 3, 2008, were approved without changes.

III. Reports

Chair Earl Mulderink reported on several upcoming events. First, everyone on the committee (and Service-Learning Fellows) have been encouraged to attend the Utah Campus Compact Annual Conference on Civic Engagement, hosted by Dixie State College, February 27-28, 2009. He also noted and applauded four SUU faculty who will be presenting at the event: Lisa Assante, Kathy Croxall, Artis Grady, and Rea Gubler. Our Civic Engagement budget will pay registration fees and group travel costs. Faculty can find out more about the conference and self-register (by February 5) at the UCC web site.

Next, Earl distributed applications for Service-Learning Fellows and urged committee members to share these with other faculty. We will again plan to fund five (5) Service-Learning Fellows in 2009. Finally, Earl distributed information from the Utah Campus Compact regarding the annual recognition event in Salt Lake City on April 7, 2009. This year, four recipients from each institution will be honored: Civically Engaged Scholar, Civically Engaged Staff Member (a new category), Civically Engaged Student, Civically Engaged Community Partner.

IV. New Business

A. Service-Learning Enhancement Grants

  1. Dr. Steve Barney’s Application, “Qualitative Assessment of International Service- Learning Home Construction,” was approved unanimously after discussion. Steve requested $500 to procure equipment and assist with travel costs of working with Boyd Fife and the Construction Management program who will return to Guaymas, Mexico, during Spring Break. Steve and student interns will interview, translate, and analyze the responses of residents who have benefited from home construction projects. Steve was encouraged to consider broadening his interviews to include SUU participants, and to share digital recorders with the committee or others who wish to engage in similar research. Also, the committee discussed with guest Boyd Fife potential ways to encourage credit-bearing opportunities in Construction Management (e.g., CIET 2120 or internship credits). We also talked about ways to document and publicize the ongoing endeavors sponsored by the Construction Management faculty and staff. Within the context of service-learning in Guaymas, Mexico, a suggestion was made to investigate a “sister city” relationship between Guaymas and Cedar City; Karl Stevens will follow up. Finally, Lacie Jo Robinson mentioned that student service leaders plan changes for the Mexico trips and welcomed input from our committee.

  2. Dr. Cindy Wright’s report was reviewed. She and students had used a mini-grant of $500 for a project entitled, “Testing and Treating Household Drinking Water in Guaymas, Mexico.” We appreciate Cindy’s prompt and thorough follow through in submitting a report.

B. Carnegie Classification

Beginning with a comment about a planned meeting with Pam Branin and VP for Regional Services, Wes Curtis, Earl distributed information about the Carnegie classification for “community engaged” institutions. Briget Eastep mentioned that Anne Smith of the IIC is continuing to explore jobs and internships through active partnerships between SUU and land management agencies. A number of points were raised about SUU’s pursuit of this elective classification, with Earl suggesting that this committee should play an important role.

C. Risk Management and Liability Issues

Following up from earlier meetings, Earl suggested that he would be responsible for compiling risk management resources and then bringing materials to others for review. Briget mentioned that she has done some work in this area and was willing to help.

D. Other Issues

Lisa inquired about getting “SL” designation for accounting classes that include volunteer tax preparation. Several ideas were offered, including the addition of practicum credit; registering for a “second session” additional credit; or using a new course designation, such as 4120, similar to our university-wide 2120 course for service learning. She will follow up with colleagues in Business. Another item raised was tied to the Service-Learning Scholar program for SUU undergraduates. Our committee has accepted responsibility for overseeing the program, and Earl plans to notify advisers and others about its components. He mentioned that we need more “SL” courses on the books to make this program work, and he pledged to do more exploration of the CSU Monterey Bay curriculum as a potential model.

V. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 1:05 PM with plans to meet next on February 25, 2009, at 12 Noon.