Service-Learning & Civic Engagement


Faculty Service-Learning Committee
Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Registrar’s Conference Room, 12 Noon

I. Call to Order
Earl Mulderink called the meeting to order at 12:04 PM. In attendance Lisa Assante (BUS), Steve Barney (HSS), Pam Branin (CSD), Briget Eastep (EDU), Lacie Jo Robinson (Student), Karl Stevens (SCPS), and Cindy Wright (SCI). Excused: Scott Hansen (CIET), Jeff Hanson (PVA), Matt Nickerson (Honors and Library).

II. Approval of Minutes
Minutes for the meeting of January 28, 2009, were approved without changes.

III. Reports

Chair Earl Mulderink began by sharing information about the forthcoming Utah Campus Compact Annual Conference on Civic Engagement at Dixie State College, February 27-28, 2009. SUU has four presenters among ten participants, and we discussed logistics for conference travel. Next, he reminded committee members to spread the word about the imminent deadline for the 2009 Service-Learning Fellows program. All applications are due by Friday, March 6. A third item related to the development of a service-learning video for promotional purposes. Student Ben Petersen is working with Professor Jon Smith on a video project about Alternative Spring Break activities in and around Guaymas, Mexico. Committee members agreed to authorize up to $400 from the Civic Engagement budget toward this project and related endeavors. One goal is to create short video clips that could be used on our SL&CE web site and for other promotional purposes.

Moving to other topics, Earl mentioned that all SUU faculty will be invited to participate in an online survey sponsored by the Western Region Campus Compact Consortium. Emails will be sent to all faculty on March 23, March 30, and April 6 to encourage responses; if more than twenty (20) SUU faculty participate, we will receive a detailed summary of the survey’s findings. Also, the Utah Campus Compact is doing an inventory/survey of all campuses with information due to them by March 9. Pam Branin and I will coordinate SUU’s response. Committee member Jeff Hansen reported recently on changes planned for our SL&CE web site. Everyone is encouraged to visit the sample site and send feedback to Jeff. Jeff has asked that submitted photographs include appropriate captions or identifying information.

Finally, Earl shared several materials with committee members. From The Chronicle of Higher Education came two articles: “Wake Up and Smell the New Epistemology,” by Tim Clydesdale (January 23, 2009), and “College Makes New Connections with Service-Learning Programs,” by Elyse Ashburn (February 27, 2009). Gary Daynes of Westminster College penned an op-ed piece for the Salt Lake Tribune entitled, “Four Rules for a Better Civic Life” (February 3, 2009). From the White House’s official web site, Earl shared President Obama’s Service Agenda that includes explicit attention to and funding for service-learning (

As a final part of the Chair’s Report, Earl mentioned that he had received a second Service-Learning Capstone Project (SLCP) approval form this semester. Previously, committee members Pam Branin, Steve Barney, and Cindy Wright agreed to serve on the first SLCP committee. They graciously agreed to serve with Earl (and respective faculty advisors) to oversee the completion of this semester’s SLCP reports and the awarding of Service-Learning Scholar designation.

Under the category of “Other” reports, Pam Branin mentioned the AmeriCorps Scholarship program, about which she will speak more at our next monthly meeting. Students can be awarded up to $1,000 each. Presently SUU sponsors about 75 such positions each year, many in Nursing or the Rural Health Scholars program, and the number could be expanded into other areas.

Karl Stevens discussed his efforts to initiate dialogue with campus and city officials about pursuing a “sister city” relationship between Cedar City and Guaymas, Mexico. A number of ideas and contacts were floated, concluding with a consensus that Karl should continue to investigate potential programs and connections.

Lisa Assante mentioned that she had conversed with her colleague Roy Johnson about his service-learning efforts and urged him to pursue S-L designation for appropriate courses. Also, Lisa stated that students’ service-learning efforts would be featured in SUU’s Alumni magazine, although to save costs it has shifted to an electronic format that may diminish its audience and PR impact. Lisa spoke of continuing enhancements to the HRHM’s web site that will allow for pictures and video clips of service-learning activities. She and her students are preparing a dinner event on April 24, 2009, that will benefit the Women’s Creek Crisis Center.

IV. New Business

A. Service-Learning Course Designation Applications

  1. HRHM 3600, Lisa Assante, was approved
  2. PE 4030 and PE 4040, Julie Taylor, received “provisional” approval pending more information
  3. PSY 3800, John Ault, was approved

B. Service-Learning Enhancement Grant Applications

  1. Lisa Assante, “Providing Food and Educational Mate4irals to Canyon Creek Women’s Crisis Center,” was approved for the amount of $500

C. Utah Campus Compact Award Recipients

Nominations were accepted, discussed, and award winners selected for each of the following categories. Each award recipient is invited to the UCC Statewide Recognition Event on April 7, 2009, in Salt Lake City at the Clark Planetarium.

  1. Civically Engaged Scholar: Dr. Briget Eastep
  2. Civically Engaged Staff Member: Pam Branin
  3. Civically Engaged Student: Lacie Jo Robinson
  4. Civically Engaged Community Partner: Paul Roelandt, Superintendent, Cedar Breaks National Monument

V. Adjournment

Prior to adjournment at 1:30, dates for upcoming committee meetings were determined: Wednesday, March 25, and April 15, both at 12 Noon in the Registrar’s Conference Room.