Service-Learning & Civic Engagement


Faculty Service-Learning Committee
Wednesday, October 13, 2010, 12 Noon
Service & Learning Center
185 S. 300 West

I. Call to Order
Earl Mulderink called the meeting to order at 12:00 PM. In attendance: Lisa Assante (BUS), Steve Barney (HSS), Pam Branin (CSD), Briget Eastep (EDU), Boyd Fife (CIET), Jeff Hanson (PVA), Lacie Jo Robinson (S&L Center), Cindy Wright (SCI). Excused: Karl Stevens (SCPS).

II. Approval of Minutes
Minutes were approved for the meeting of September 15, 2010.

III. Reports
A. Chair’s Report
Earl Mulderink welcomed committee members and began by noting upcoming deadlines for submitting materials to the Provost’s Newsletter, Utah Campus Compact, and President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. He discussed three workshops that he held in conjunction with Kyle Bishop and the Center for Teaching and Learning. Earl brought the committee up to date on progress in developing the Experiential Education Requirement (EER). He mentioned that all of the Engagement Centers will have an Open House at the end of FASSST week on Monday, November 8. With encouragement from Professor Carrie Trenholm and others, a book drive will begin in FASSST week during which SUU students will be encouraged to donate unused copies of Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson, for donation to local high school students. Finally, Earl distributed a copy of the mission statement from the Global Engagement Center and explained that our committee will fashion a similar document for the Center for Civic Engagement.

B. Pam Branin, Coordinator of the Service & Learning Center
Pam Branin reported on four tutoring programs now underway along with service programs at two local senior citizens centers. Under the guidance of student service leaders, the S&L Center is sponsoring four alternative break trips that include Mexico, Tacoma, and Taos. The December trip to Guaymas will be advised by Jeb and Pam Branin, and Linda and Mike Liebhart. Pam reported that the new online registration method worked well and allowed students to pay their nonrefundable deposit. Pam explained that the S&L Center will be moving again at the end of the academic year since the Leavitt Foundation has accelerated their plans to raze three buildings on 300 West for a larger parking lot. Donna Eddleman has been helpful in suggesting new sites and promising adequate support for the move. With eight students, Pam participated in a two-day workshop on social justice that convened at Snowbird under the sponsorship of the Utah Campus Compact. Finally, Pam mentioned that she knew of several students who could possibly serve on the Service-Learning Committee and everyone agreed to defer to her and Lacie Jo Robinson in selecting a student representative.

C. Other Reports
Earl asked each committee member to offer an update about their service and service-learning activities, suggesting that this format might become a regular feature of committee meetings. Boyd Fife reported that he has been assisting Matt Edwards and others in pursuing a construction project in Tanzania that would use the dome technology first learned during an alternative break in Mexico. Briget Eastep discussed plans to meet with National Park Service staff to develop a cooperative program with SUU focused on interpretive skills. Cindy Wright mentioned that with nursing students she expects to do free blood pressure and A1C checks on campus for up to 500 individuals. Lisa Assante spoke about multifaceted efforts by her HRHM 3110 class efforts to “make a wish” for a local child with a rare disease. To raise $10,000, students will be selling breakfast burritos, sponsoring a special dinner, and operating donation tables on campus and at football games. Also, Lisa mentioned that she had secured a logo from Dean O’Driscoll’s office that can be used for HRHM programs. Steve Barney talked about colleagues’ interest in service-learning and a co-authored publication in an e-book focused on international service-learning. Jeff Hanson discussed the ongoing revision of the SL&CE web site, his interest in procuring good photographs about service activities, and his plans for club-based service in designing materials for local non-profit agencies.

IV. New Business
A. Service-Learning Scholar Program Revisions

Distributing a short handout, Earl discussed minor changes to the S-L Scholars program that would move away from a capstone “thesis” to a “summary” that could be incorporated into a student’s eportfolio. He explained that the current setup is a bit cumbersome and that we need to anticipate a larger volume of S-L Scholars once the EER is in place. He expects that online application materials will be more useful than the current ones that create a paper trail..

B. Service-Learning Curricular Changes

Discussion was tabled of potential courses.

C. Service-Learning Course Proposals

Committee members discussed but did not formally vote on proposals for ELED 3460 (Houser), ELED 3480 (Wittwer), ELED 3740 (Kemp). The general feeling by committee members remaining in attendance was that the application materials need more explicit mention of service-learning and a better integration of service-learning criteria and weighting into each course and syllabus. Because these proposals emanated from the Sorenson College of Education, EDU rep Briget Eastep promised to follow up with her colleagues. Earl also pledged to communicate with Gerry Bowler, Department Chair, and others. In an ensuing discussion, the committee addressed issues related to AmeriCorps service and varying levels of support for the program on campus.

VI. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 1:15 PM.