Service-Learning & Civic Engagement


Faculty Service-Learning Committee
Monday, November 28, 2011, 4:04 p.m.
Community Engagement Center
417 West 200 South

I. Call to Order

Earl Mulderink called the meeting to order at 4:04 p.m. In attendance: Pam Branin (CEC), Sheraya Brown (CEC), Veronica Cazares (CEC), Bridget Eastep (EDU ), Jeffrey Hanson (PVA), Shayla Hill (Student), Lucas Knowles (VISTA), Karl Stevens (SCPS), Cindy Wright (COSE). Excused: Lisa Assante (BUS), Boyd Fife (COSE), Wynne Summers (HSS).

II. Approval of Minutes

Minutes were approved for the meeting of October 24, 2011

III. Reports

A. Earl Mulderink, Chair

Earl began by introducing Lucas Knowles, the new VISTA volunteer who will be working mainly with community partners. Earl encouraged everyone to submit reports and to help publicize the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll prior to the deadline of December 2. The Utah Campus Compact will sponsor an Engaged Faculty Institute in Moab, Utah, on February 3-4, 2012, with community partners to be invited. The UCC's Annual Recognition Event will be on Monday, April 2, 2012. Earl mentioned that the CEC's Program Specialist position closed with 31 applicants, and the part-time person will oversee administration of AmeriCorps. Student Amy Heaps has submitted a Service-Learning Scholar Capstone Project Report, and Jeff, Pam, and Briget volunteered to join Earl in reviewing her work. Earl announced an open position with the Global Engagement Center as campus coordinator for HELP, which promotes international service-learning. As part of the Experiential Education program, a syllabus for UNIV 3925 is almost completed and committee members were invited to learn more about the course modules through Canvas.

B. Pam Branin, Associate Director of the Community Engagement Center

Pam reported on the Iron County Holiday Assistance Program and a campus "Stuff the Truck" event on November 29-30 to collect donations of toys and gently-used clothes. Pam discussed two alternative winter break trips that do not yet have the required minimum number of participants. The final Bread and Soup Nite of the semester is tonight and all are invited.

C. Other Reports

Shayla Hill shared a draft of a "Service-Learning Contract" like that of the Honors Program. Committee members were asked to review that document and a fillable form for further consideration in January 2012. Jeff Hanson inquired about the website and explained ongoing campus discussions about a possible move to a Content Management System in the next six months. There was general agreement that SUU needs to substantially improve the staffing and resources directed to the web.

IV. New Business

V. Old Business

A. CEC Mission, Vision, Values

The proposed "Community Engagement Center Mission, Vision, and Goals" statement was approved without changes.

B. Expanding the Service-Learning Curriculum

Committee members discussed the benefits of a "Service-Learning Contract" mentioned above. Cindy mentioned that a contract like this could be helpful in offering service-learning options in larger general education courses such as NFS 1020. There was general agreement that an individualized contract increases flexibility for students and instructors.

C. President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

Earl urged everyone's participation in this campus-wide effort. In response to Briget's suggestion, he promised to distribute a tally of total service hours ahead of the deadline.

VI. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 4:55p.m.