Service-Learning & Civic Engagement

Annual Report

Faculty Service-Learning Committee
Annual Report, 2010-2011
Earl F. Mulderink III
Interim Director of Civic Engagement

Several noteworthy accomplishments happened in 2010-2011. First, SUU was designated as a Carnegie Community Engaged Institution, joining just over 300 higher education institutions that have received this honor since 2006. Second, for the second successive year, SUU was named to the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. In applying for the 2010 designation, we were able to document over 76,000 hours of student service, split almost evenly between service/volunteer activities and service-learning activities through academic classes. Third, Earl Mulderink continued to work with faculty and staff colleagues in developing the new Experiential Education Requirement (EER) to be implemented with all new students in Fall 2011. Service and service-learning options will be available for students to fulfill the community engagement track, one of five engagement centers/tracks that support the EER. Finally, at the end of the school year the Service & Learning Center was vacated and, through the summer months, the S&LC's offices and resources were moved into a new and expanded "Community Engagement Center." Larger than previous quarters, the CEC is located at 417 W. 200 South, next to the Sargon Heinrich Global Engagement Center.

Service-Learning Committee
The Faculty Service-Learning Committee met monthly through 2010-2011. Committee information, additional resources, and relevant links are located at our SL&CE web site: As before, our "civic engagement" budget was capably administered by Debra Pool of the University College.

2010-2011 Faculty Service-Learning Committee Members

  • Earl Mulderink, Chair, Interim Director of Civic Engagement
  • Lisa Assante (BUS)
  • Steve Barney (HSS)
  • Pam Branin (S&L Center)
  • Briget Eastep (EDU)
  • Boyd Fife (CIET)
  • Jeff Hanson (PVA)
  • Shayla Hill (Student)
  • Lacie Jo Robinson (S&L Center)
  • Karl Stevens (SCPS)
  • Cindy Wright (SCI)
  • Amy Dean (VISTA)

2011 Service-Learning Fellows Named
For the fifth successive year, the Faculty Service-Learning Committee announced a new group of Service-Learning Fellows to recognize "engaged educators who practice service-learning in an effective manner." Each Fellow received a $750 honorarium, a handsome commemorative plaque, and public recognition through SUU's University Journal, press releases, and web site provided plentiful positive publicity. The 2011 Fellows (in alphabetical order): Tom Cunningham, Professor, Beverly Taylor Sorenson College of Education and Human Development; Alan Hamlin, Professor, School of Business; Donna Lister, Associate Professor of Nursing; and John Taylor, Lecturer in Biology, College of Science. In addition, the committee granted a new award, that of Service-Learning Pioneer to Boyd Fife, Assistant Professor of Construction Management, and donated $500 to the "Humanitarian Construction Fund" within Boyd's department.

Utah Campus Compact Honorees
For more than a decade, SUU has joined hands with the Utah Campus Compact at an annual statewide recognition event. This year's event was held on February 11, 2011, in Salt Lake City. Megan Taylor, a major in Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Tourism, was recognized as SUU's Civically Engaged Student; Peggy Wittwer, assistant professor of Teacher Education, was named SUU's Civically Engaged Scholar; Steven McCarthy and Seth Ohms, who oversee the Intergovernmental Internships Cooperative, were honored as SUU's Civically Engaged Staff; and the Frontier Homestead State Park Museum (Todd Prince, Director, and Ryan Paul, Curator) was recognized as SUU's Committed Community Partner.

Service-Learning Scholars Program
In Spring 2011, one undergraduate student completed this rigorous program and was recognized at SUU's Commencement and at the annual HSS Awards Ceremony. Alayna Purdy McGwire, a Psychology major, worked with Professor Steve Barney to complete a capstone project and submit a thesis, "Effects of Child Parentification on a Teen's Feelings of Inferiority." In her written reflections, Alayna noted that she expects her work to help her become a more effective school guidance counselor.

Service-Learning Course Approval
To encourage faculty to consider using the pedagogy of service-learning, Earl Mulderink offered several workshops at the beginning of the year under the sponsorship of Kyle Bishop and the Center for Teaching and Learning. During the year, the committee reviewed several proposals and applied relatively new criteria that official "SL" courses now require at least twenty (20) hours of service per student during the semester. Full details about the criteria and application process are found online at . Between Fall 2010 and Spring 2011, four new "service-learning" courses were approved: EESL 4320 (Tom Cunningham); EESL 4350 (Tom Cunningham); SOC 3030 (Jim McDonald); ELED 3460 (Karen Houser).

International Service and Service-Learning
Although the university decided to suspend alternative break trips to Mexico in 2010-2011, some students traveled in December to the Dominican Republic to work with Orphanage Outreach. During winter and spring breaks, the S&L Center sponsored domestic service trips to Washington State, California, New Mexico, and Texas, where students worked with Habitat for Humanity and other programs. In support of international service-learning, SUU purchased an institutional membership in the International Partnership for Service-Learning, whose web resources are found at

Professional Development
Funds were allocated for participation in workshops and conferences inside and outside of Utah. Earl Mulderink was one of forty participants selected nationally to participate in the "Diving Deep Institute," co-sponsored by the national Campus Compact and the California Campus Compact, in Tiburon, CA, in July 2010. As the only participant from Utah, he received partial funding support from the Utah Campus Compact. Pam Branin and Earl Mulderink participated in the 14th Annual Continuums of Service Conference in San Diego in April 2011. Earl was selected to facilitate a roundtable discussion on international service-learning. Other civic engagement funding was used in support of faculty and staff participation in state-wide events hosted by the Utah Campus Compact.

Thank You Gala
Under Pam Branin's direction and with funding from the civic engagement budget, SUU hosted a large event on April 11, 2011, in the Gilbert Great Hall. Advertised as a campus and community recognition event, the gala included public recognition of the 2011 Service-Learning Fellows, the 2011 Service-Learning Scholars, and other awardees.