Service-Learning & Civic Engagement

Service-Learning Scholar Program


Students meeting the requirements outlined below will be honored at graduation with a cord, recognition at the University Commencement program, recognition at their College Convocation program, and a transcript notation. Students and faculty involved will also be honored at a reception or banquet held in the spring semester.


  • 12 semester credit hours of service learning coursework
  • Overall GPA of 3.0
  • 400 hours of community service and/or service-learning work
  • Service-Learning Capstone Project
    • Recommended 40-50 hours
    • Related to academic major
    • SLCP hours will count toward 400 hour total
    • SLCP overseen by a capstone committee consisting of:
      • Faculty advisor in student's major (selected by student)
      • Faculty member
      • Student Service Leader
      • Service & Learning Center Staff
    • SLCP summary (two copies of a written summary on acid free bond paper to be archived at the Sherratt Library). Summary will be a minimum of seven pages and include an overview of how the project was developed, community need, how the project addressed the need. The summary will also include a reflective component addressing what was learned. The reflective component may take a form appropriate to the SLCP and the student's area of academic study, i.e. prose, photography, interpretive dance, theatre, etc.


  • Provides valuable experience and networking opportunities for employment, graduate or professional school
  • Personal enrichment
  • Makes learning "real," connects theory to practice
  • Publication, conference opportunities
  • Prestigious recognition at graduation